February 27, 2020
Bullet Journal Setup 2020 – Black and White (*New Book*)

Bullet Journal Setup 2020 – Black and White (*New Book*)

Hello friends! Not only is it a new year but
it’s also a new decade. So welcome to a brand new year with a brand new bullet journal.
I wanted to take a bit of time to talk about my decision on switching my book. As you all
know I like to watercolor, and my pages are a little bit on the thinner side, so ghosting
is kind of a real issue. And then using stamps was nearly impossible unless I stamped it
on other paper first, because it just went straight through the pages. They’re just too
thin. And I didn’t want my book to be overly bulky, just by adding a bunch of paper, like
watercolor paper, or paper that I stamped on, cuz I didn’t want it to be really….fat.
I think not being able to use my stamps was probably the biggest let down of all. Because
I have A LOT of stamps and I’d really like to use them. I was actually looking to change
my book last year and I heard lots of good things about the Archer & Olive books because
they were really thick, and the paper was really white, and you could pretty much use
any medium you wanted to. But I was a little late in the game ordering and they always
were sold out. So I didn’t really get to order them until about halfway through this year.
And then when I got them I didn’t want to switch my book halfway through so I figured
I’d finish out the old book and then wait for this year to start with the new book.
I ordered the blackout book and the regular white paper book. And now apparently they
have one, it’s the kraft paper, so the brown paper, I’m kinda looking forward to trying
that one out. Then I came across a whole other world with
the Happy Planner disc system. So I do have one of their books and I really like it cuz
this is where I keep my notes that I can group my notes together. So you can take the pages
out and move them around and group them together. Which was really cool. And then I got to thinking,
I wanted to use this system but with my papers from the Archer & Olive books. Since I already
bought them I didn’t really want to give up on them, but I really wanted to use their
paper. So I took one of the books and cut out one of the pages and then I punched it
with the hole punch that fits….these….discs. And I was really surprised that I didn’t lose
too much of the overall page size. So I got to work, scanning, and copying, and photoshopping
and making templates with tabs. I even made my own cover page as you will see. I think
it was all worth it in the end because now I get to use my Archer & Olive books that
I had purchased just to use for this year. I really could have cheated and used the Happy
Planner covers but I didn’t want a too big of a book, or a too small of a book and there
was no size in the middle. So this would be the closest one. But it’s not quite the same.
Well this is why I created my own covers because there really weren’t any pre-made covers that
would fit the Archer & Olive book pages cuz technically I was making my own Happy Planner,
just using my own pages. I don’t think anybody else is going to have
the exact same journal unless they go through the same steps and make it the same way that
I did. If you are interested in seeing how I made my book just let me know in the comments
below and I’ll look into making that video. Now I gotta tell ya, I was a little hesitant
cutting all the pages out of the Archer & Olive book cuz I didn’t know if I was truly gonna
like it until I had put it together. And I didn’t wanna regret my decision and then have
to go back and buy another book just to replace the one that I just….butchered. But it all
worked out and I’m really glad that I did. AND now I can cut my own paper. So if I wanted
to add watercolor paper I just cut it to the size, punch the holes and in it goes so I’m
actually really excited to start using watercolor. For real. On real paper. Cuz I can just add
them wherever I want. So with all that rambling aside let’s get
to the video. First, I tried to make a fun cover that would
keep me inspired throughout the year. “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within”.
I love the color shift. It’s super pretty. Also, stars! The inside cover is a dark blue
holographic vinyl. I won’t be writing directly in the book since
it doesn’t actually have too many pages in it and the discs would be challenging but
you can take the paper out! That’s just the best. No lumpy parts from pages before. I
already know I’m going to love this book. So as I said before, I cut out some black
and white pages out of my Archer & Olive books. This first page is usually the first page
in any bullet journal. The index. I don’t know if I personally will be using it this
year, since adding pages can mess up the numbering system, but I figured I’d leave it in for
if anyone wanted to copy my idea. I’m also using these typewriter clickable
stamps. That’s right, stamps directly on the paper! So excited! I used these last month
in my December setup and loved them so much. They are super easy to use. Just connect all
the letters to make your word. Easy to keep the letters lined up.
I separated this page kind of in half. I found last year I still needed to add a small piece
of paper to finish the index for the whole book. Then all you’ll do is write the page
number in the small column and the name of the page in the bigger one.
I repeated this for the second side. Now onto the actual 2020 title page. I had
this vision in my head of overlapping the numbers and filling in the spaces where they
overlapped. The pencil lines where really hard to pick up on the black paper because
the only angle that I could see them was right where the camera was. So yes I hit my head
a few times on the camera. Don’t worry, I got a tough skull, I’ll be fine. So for the
outline I used my thickest white gelly roll pen, but afterwards I went over it a second
time to really thicken those edges. Oh, and yes I also gotta mention that I tried to draw
these in the same typewriter font. I was also trying to go from one side to the other so
I wouldn’t smudge the white pen. I used a ruler to get super straight lines
for the cross hatching. You can really see it come together when I went over it with
the second direction. I actually really like how this turned out. I didn’t want to spend 18 dollars on a white
stamp pad so I improvised with white acrylic paint. I’m using my trusty ice cream bucket
lid and a foam stamper. Then I just put a little paint on the lid and dabbed my foam
stamper in it until it looked evenly coated. Then I just lightly dabbed it onto the stamps.
I actually love that this opens up the stamping color abilities. I have lots of acrylic paint
and I’ll be using them with my stamps now. And the clean up is easy too, just wash under
warm water or do like me, have those baby wipes handy. I thought “new beginnings” was
a great saying for this year. Here I’m trying to stick my white page to
my black page and this tape runner thing and I have a love/hate relationship. I made sure
to get in the tiny spaces between the punches. Then I just stick the two together lining
them up at the punched side. The corner curve of the black paper sticks out a little bit
more than the white so I just trimmed them off so they’re flush. So as you can see this is my year at a glance.
This page was probably one of my most flipped back to pages because I’m always setting things
up and checking the dates for the months. As long as I don’t screw up this page the
rest should be fine. I colored in the top bar with my black faber-castell
brush pen. As with all my other hand colored black pages from before, it’s best to go over
this twice to get the darkest color. Then I filled in the letters for the days
of the week. Now for the tedious part of writing out all
the numbers for all the months. We’ll just skip ahead.
Now I’m just adding a few lines above and below the letters for the week.
Lastly I’m using the white gelly roll on the black boxes to write all the months. Just
the short version. Then I’m just erasing all my pencil lines. For my Future log I really wanted to do tabbed
pages. This black page is the cover page for this and you can see me really struggling
to catch the reflection of the pencil lines. One of my first lines and I already messed
up. The black brush pen works really good to cover that up.
Still struggling to see the lines AND not smudge the white pen while doing so. Let’s
just speed this up a little. I hate watching the struggles, brings back too many memories.
Once again with a second thicker line. I do find that this makes all the difference. And
it gives you a chance to straighten lines that weren’t straight before. Then I touched
up any smudges with the black brush pen. I added the stamped word “log” which clearly
didn’t happen in frame. It turned out a little light so I went over it with my white pen.
Then on the tab side I wrote future log. Lastly was to add that cross hatching. I think
this turned out really good. For the next 2 pages I’m outlining 3 boxes
per page. So 3 months per page. I had them all on one page last year and that was actually
all the space I needed. This year I wanted more of a separation between the months. Last
year’s was much more open. I also decided to keep the title box for every month blank,
with just a little pencil writing, so I can decorate each month with the corresponding
theme and colors. That leaves me with the fourth and final page
which I decided to try a goals page. I’ve never done one before and this year I find
myself wanting to do, or complete, certain things before the end of the year. So this
will be a great place for me to see if I can achieve these goals. I sectioned it into 3
months, 6 months & 1 year. My camera shut off while stamping the first page, but on
the second page you can see that I used one of the stamp pieces turned around to make
a space. I used this trick last month too. I will probably make it a check the box list. My next page had to be totally re-designed
since not only am I switching books but I’m also switching the page style. So I couldn’t
count all the squares to the center because I had to punch the pages. I used the closest
square which for my particular book setup is 24 by 38 squares or boxes. So the height
stayed the same but the width got shortened by 2 squares. (3 if you count that very center
space in the seam) All in all I’m very happy with the dimensions. I also switched up my
style a little from last year by closing off the boxes. I find this actually makes it easier
to figure out how many squares you need for everything. This was last years – it’s pretty
close. On the very right side I numbered how many
sections there are. Inside the rectangles are the number of squares, or boxes, in that
rectangle. And the bottom has all the numbers to 24. Then I repeated this for the back with all
the vertical sections. I also made this short sheet for the smaller
pages. I don’t think I’ll need this one too often, but it’s always good to have just in
case. Now, for one of my more favorite spreads to
look back on. My social media tracker. So as you probably saw I used my Cricut to cut
out those super adorable social media icons with black paper. The hard part was getting
the sticky tape on the back of those small pieces. I could have just colored it in but
this seemed like too much fun to give up. So at the beginning of the month I will write
down all these numbers. I love seeing my small set of online family and friends grow. Not
super fast but that’s okay, keeps ya humble. I’d rather have a small loyal following and
be able to respond to everyone’s comments and questions. I love hearing ideas and suggestions
from you. Here’s to a great year! On the back of that page I’m adding a video
tracker. I know I’ve tried this a few times before and I just couldn’t seem to keep up
with any certain number of videos a month. So for this one I’m just putting a running
list and an upload date. I have actually pre-recorded quite a few crafts already. What kinds of
things would you like to see me make? If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen
a large variety of stuff. Let me know in the comments what kind of crafts you’d like me
to show you how to make. Chances are I’ve already done it. Clearly there’s the bullet
journal videos, ah, cakes and baking, nails, crafts, humor, painting…. For this next page I wanted to have a little
fun with a quote. Before we get to the quote I wanted to stamp my title on the front. I
used this larger typewriter stamp set I had and used the white acrylic paint again. Using
this smaller stamping block I can only fit 3 letters. I’m still in the process of de-cluttering
and downsizing all the stuff in my house. Eventually I’ll find everything. Funny, right?
Then on the bottom I number coded all the bills I usually pay every month. (Even though
by this point medical has finally been eliminated here in B.C.) I will probably replace this
section with “other”. Then for the fun quote. “They say love is
more important than money. Have you ever tried paying your bills with a hug?” If only that
were the case. I’d start hugging EVERYONE! I decided to break the page up into 6 sections.
So this will be 6 months on the front and 6 months on the back.
I’m changing it up a little from before with more exact columns to fill in. Last year I
just squished everything in the tiny little boxes. I’m hoping this year will be a little
neater. So my sections to fill in are the amount,
when the bill is due, the amount I paid, check mark for when it’s completed and the bank
ref #. I think these are the minimal things I’d like to keep track of.
Then I numbered the sides to correspond to that first page. See? Space-savingly smart!
Then I repeated that on the back page. I covered the tops of all the sections with
black paper. Then I used my white gel pen to separate the boxes into two and write each
month in each section. I’m really loving the black and white theme. I also used a black
and white theme for last year’s bullet journal setup. I’ll link that video below if you’d
like some more ideas on how to use black and white in your journal. This next page is super fast and easy. I stamped
series watched. Haven’t yet decided on the style I’d like use so I’m leaving this blank.
Then on the other side I’m stamping movies watched. Also leaving this page blank because
I don’t know how I want to list them yet. Maybe pictures again with a star rating. Next page is a smaller page again. I loved
the addition of the top 5 songs from last year and am doing this page again. 6 months
per page and I’m going to alternate the black boxes. But then I forgot that I should be
outlining everything first. It’s just easier this way. Do you write down your favorite
songs every month? Then I wrote the months in the top sections and wrote with opposite
colors in each box and numbered them 1 to 5. Then I didn’t like the top of the white
box section and colored it in with my black brush pen. Yeah, that’s better now. Then I
finished writing in the rest of the numbers and the months. Next page is another small page. The quote
at the top is “Do not save what is left after spending but spend what is left after saving.”
I think this quote is so true. But sometimes it’s hard to do that. There’s never a month
that goes by where you don’t get a surprise bill of some sort. Well, at least I don’t
feel that lucky. So the actually savings tracker is a bar graph.
I have the amounts on the side ranging from 0 dollars to 1000 dollars. And at the bottom
are all the months. At the end of each month I will tally up how much I’ve managed to save
and put a dot on the graph. On the back of that page I’m adding another
new page I’ve never had before. A need slash want page. I know it’s easy to just throw
everything in the need section, but do you really NEED it? I think I will probably put
a bunch of stuff in the want section and if it turns out to become a necesity then I’ll
draw an arrow to the other side. Also I want to save this year – not spend. This is the last page for the setup and it’s
my pain tracker. Last year I made a separate video on this but called it my health and
wellness tracker. I will also link that video below if you need a more in depth tutorial
on how I use my tracker. In the columns I wrote the date, pain, rating from 1 to 10,
time if it’s important & any description or notes worth writing down. I also printed out
this picture of a body so I can label certain body parts that hurt often. Once again I go
into more detail in that separate video. Now the fun part. Putting it all together!
The pages just push right in. You have no idea how excited I was to start
creating this book. I wasn’t into finishing last year’s journal at all but way more into
creating this one. And that’s what your journal should be. It should be fun, not a chore.
I felt like a kid that didn’t get their homework done if I didn’t fill in my book everyday.
I also think switching this up keeps things new and exciting. Yes, every month is usually
exciting because you can create new mood trackers and drawings. But I gotta say, I’m loving
this new system! I almost forget the page I wanted to add to
the beginning of this book. I have this cool tree stamp that has a bunch of animals in
it and really wanted to use it. So I stamped “this book belongs to Amazing Andrea” on it.
There, perfect. I love how every part of this turned out.
And it even incorporates a dutch door style with the skinnier pages. Alright, a few words
of encouragement while I flip through the pages.
If you are just starting out, I know I’ve said this before, but a bullet journal should
work for YOU, not YOU for IT. You can add anything that is important to YOU. You might
read a lot and want to keep track of that. Maybe you’re a traveler. You could paste pictures
and write about each trip. Maybe you just want to doodle on every blank inch of paper.
Whatever you like just remember a bullet journal can be very personal. You don’t have to show
it to the world. It doesn’t have to be filled with beautiful artwork if that’s not what
you’re into. Keep it simple and functional. If it doesn’t help organize your thoughts
then don’t use one. I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. So, let me ask you this. Are YOU ready for
a new year and a new decade? I want to thank you all who stuck it out till the end. I know
this was a really long one. But I felt like I actually had a lot to say, so thank you.
If you re-create any of my spreads please tag me on Instagram @amazing_andrea_1. That’s
with underscores. I would love to see your recreations and also maybe start featuring
them here every month. If you don’t want to miss next month’s setup don’t forget to hit
that subscribe button. As always, thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the
next one! *beep*
But…ah, no butts *beep*
nah, I’m not gonna talk about the old one *beep*
So last year I hate…..I….uuhh….I hate?? *beep*
Cuz the dimensions of the premade books or all……are all….uh
*beep* Stop blinking!

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