February 27, 2020
BENEFITS OF MEDITATION: Top reason why it’ll change your life and help you stay calm and relaxed.

BENEFITS OF MEDITATION: Top reason why it’ll change your life and help you stay calm and relaxed.

hi guys and welcome to my channel my
name is David Neyts and today I want to speak about the topic of why you
should meditate in our society where most people are living in big cities and
are literally having to go 100 miles per hour it’s sometimes it’s important to
sit back and be able to actually meditate are you going to tell me but I
can sit still I have a TD I fall asleep when I meditate I don’t have the
patience for it okay well just a fact that you would say something like this
is basically telling me that you are a perfect candidate to actually start
meditating of course like with most things in life you will not get instant
gratification from taking time to meditate it’ll take time and changes
will only happen progressively so before complaining that meditation isn’t doing
anything for you take a few weeks to be consistent with it and then we can talk
about it after all if it only took two three trips to the gym in order to
become super buff and healthy then everybody in the street would look like
a bodybuilder the truth is most people will try things a couple of times but
really do they stick to it that being said I personally enjoy taking my time
to meditate and what works for me will not necessarily work for everyone but I
have suspicions that it could actually work for many this is why I’d like to
share a couple of reasons why I enjoy meditating number one better self
awareness being someone who has been doing martial arts in gymnastics since
my teens I have learned that being aware of your inner self is super important
often the body is trying to communicate with you and telling you if something is
wrong without being aware of what the different aches and pains are you might
just rely on your doctor to tell you to simply pop in a pill or two in order to
simply alleviate the pain problem with that is that you are simply masking what
is that the heart of the issue self awareness doesn’t stop at the body it
goes much deeper with the thoughts that one has during the day everyone has many
ideas and thoughts throughout the day especially living in a fast-paced
society people are not always able to keep track of all the thoughts that are
passing one’s head thinking is good but
overthinking things can sometimes lead to states of depression anger feeling
overwhelmed by taking time to meditate you are able to clean those thoughts out
of your brain and slowly put order in your head freeing up your emotions
number to ground yourself and find peace I’ve noticed that in our fast-paced
society people can get extremely aggressive while driving and even the
nicest person can lose his or her cool this is just one small example of how
people feel in our society but I feel that it perfectly illustrates our way of
living it’s not because we are mad at some time or another that we are a bad
person on the contrary we are just reacting to the stress as its given to
us by our everyday life by taking time during your day and closing your eyes to
meditate you can easily become less attached to the three-dimensional
physical world we may have all these objects and things around us but the
true genius and essence of once being stems from our essence our soul or even
our brains correct functioning by detaching yourself from the physical
world you can become more grounded and detach yourself the gap between the
stimulus and the outward response widens making you feel better number three it
makes you more creative myself being an artist and constantly trying to find
inspiration in order to create meditating helps me to tap into my
brain’s ultimate potential there is a myth that says that we can only use 10%
of our brain this myth is so popular that they even made movies such as
limitless with Bradley Cooper where a pill is taken and the men can have
access to all your brain the truth is is that we are already using hundred
percent of our brain we’re actually using it so much that sometimes it gets
overwhelmed different parts of the brain activate themselves according to our
needs the whole brain was turned on 100% of the time
I think we’d easily have a breakdown we as humans are using hundred percent of
the brain but only ten percent is in our conscious the other 90% is in our
subconscious meaning things that are happening in our body but aren’t even
aware of for example or hard beating our nails growing or eyes blinking walking
sleeping leaving and so many more meditating lets
through access the remaining 90% of the brain by being aware of it he can tap
into your creativity more easily and ultimately create a better lifestyle for
yourself number four it makes you younger we as humans are made of energy
we are born with a spark and we die when the flame extinguishes itself during
that spark it can either shine bright or modestly in Indian culture and people
who practice yoga we often speak about chakras it’s the belief that people have
seven energy centers within their body and that they all work in conjunction
with each other in order to create a bright flame inside their body if we are
injured have life problems or doing drugs and other things that create
imbalances in our body our energy points can become out of tune when the chakras
aren’t in unison they cannot flow fully meditating clears them and facilitates
the flow of energy think of it as a car that never gets an oil change or is kept
up eventually the hoses inside the cars start getting clogged and if no
maintenance is given to the car well it will simply not function anymore our
body is an instrument that needs maintenance if not taken care of
well it’ll age horribly number five it creates happiness we live in a such
fast-paced life that sometimes we forget to breathe most people tend to focus on
the negative it’s easy to fall in that trap because dramas sadness negative
things are usually the thoughts that can haunt us we keep on repeating the same
negative things in our head to the point of obsession then when good things
happen we just move on with our life the brain takes ten to fifteen seconds to
actually acknowledge a positive thought by not taking the time to see the
positive even in small things you don’t let your brain process the good stuff
and then you can get into a vicious circle of negativity ultimately
meditation will give you peace of mind and will allow you to slow down enough
to see the positive even in the crappy isn’t a for example having a wonderful
cup of tea a good meal a sunny day or whatever makes you happy happiness is in
the simplicity and not always the luxurious cars mansions or false hopes
of started even kings and millionaires get depressed
I really hope that you enjoyed this video that you start practicing some
sort of inner peace don’t forget to subscribe and see how the like button
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see results have a great day and I’ll see you in the next video

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