February 27, 2020
Benefits of Gamma Knife Perfexion vs Other Radiation Treatment Technologies

Benefits of Gamma Knife Perfexion vs Other Radiation Treatment Technologies

For treating conditions that are intercranial or diseases within the brain itself um
there’s really no other technology that can deliver as accurate a treatment as gamma knife With Gamma Knife we have the ability to be
more precise because because of the technical features of the
treatment There’s a head frame placement and that acts as a stereotactic coordinate
system we also have many degrees of freedom
when we put on the patient headframe when we are doing the treatment. one important advantage of Gamma Knife treatment is
it takes place in a single session there are other radio surgical options
such as CyberKnife that can be used for intracranial
conditions but these treatments typically take
place over five sessions each in the beams in themselves are not
damaging however it’s the convergence and then beam
centrally which allows for the high-dose and as a result patients are able to
have a definitive treatment dose in a single treatment as opposed to the other types of
stereotactic radiation which are in anywhere from three to five treatments.
One-way that people will describe it is if you
are standing in a stadium and 192 people turn on a flashlight in the very center
of the stadium, it is incredibly bright but the surrounding area is dim and in the same way, in radiation with gamma
knife, there’s a head frame and there’s a 192 cobalt sources that are
spread out over the head frame and by utilizing the particular ones
that we need to isolate the area
that we’re treating were able to minimize the risk to the surrounding
structures. There’s no better technology for delivering an effective dose of
radiation to the target safely than the Gamma Knife. Ultimately our
goal is to treat people with the least amount of treatment that they require and so this is really a much more
convenient option that gets patients back to work back to their
lives sooner

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