September 15, 2019
Bangkok’s Banksy Is a Headache for Thai Junta | NBC Left Field

Bangkok’s Banksy Is a Headache for Thai Junta | NBC Left Field

Can spray painting a wall really help
you stick it to the government? Well, this is Bangkok, the capital of
Thailand. It’s a city of more than 8 million, where saying the wrong thing
about police, the king or the country’s military can sometimes land you in jail. You see, Thailand’s junta government
influences what goes on television and radio throughout the country.
And that’s why some are speaking out in unorthodox ways. Similar to the infamous UK
artist Banksy, Headache puts up stencils, mostly illegally, that serve as
political or social commentary. I think he’s one of those brave stencil artists.
He really goes out and speaks about the current system, about the current
government, and it’s a dangerous environment to be putting up political
stencils and he’s prepared to put his neck on the line. In early 2019, Thailand is due, as of
right now at least, to have its first democratic election since its military
took over in a coup in 2014. A new king took the throne as well in 2016, and all
this has coincided with a boom in street art here in the past few years. So put
the political instability and this burgeoning art form together and you
have Headache. Reports about Headache’s newest murals
and stencils seem to be making their way onto TV news lately, and as a result
these political critiques are reaching far more people. He’s sort of having a
moment here.

13 thoughts on “Bangkok’s Banksy Is a Headache for Thai Junta | NBC Left Field

  1. I can't believe they have a king. Haha! A real king! If the US wanted him dead, it'd be over in an hour. Let's go kill us a king! It'll be just like old times!

  2. Wow! I was arguing with someone here in Thailand just the other day that for anything to change here there needs to be an underground movement that included graffiti… maybe this is the start… if it doesn't get snuffed out..

  3. Go get em, spray away. Tell the truth any way you can. Greedy Military fascist scumbags need to be exposed at all costs. Like most politicians its all about power and money and ego,s. You will believe what they say and better you better like it because if you dont they will make you with the point of a gun.
    Gutless cowards.
    democracy and freedom and self expression are the last things these guys want you to have.

  4. LMAO What country doesnt have a gov controlled radio and TV? Americas left runs almost all the news and all TV and all movies. Same in Europe. They push nasty depraved antichristian and abnormal things on a population that rejects it.

  5. Love your demonic symbolism with the three stripes indicating the mocking of the trinity you don't fool me because as it says in the Bible any person that uses magic is a sorcerer and Evil

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