December 13, 2019

56 thoughts on “Back Pain & Sciatica- 2 Biggest MISTAKES People Do + BEST Alternatives

  1. I definitely greatly appreciate all the informative videos you guys post!! Especially since I have been suffering with a herniated disk L5 and it’s pressing on the S1 nerve root 😩😢😢 tarlov cyst was also discovered on that nerve root as well 😢 excruciating pain

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  3. I learned from you both to use a noodle on my lower back above my back pain. I promise you this was a life changing for me. 5 mins, twice a day!!! It truly works!!
    Thank you to you both. Noodle was $3.00 at a pool store.

  4. So, I'm 56, when are my disk going to start shrinking?! For my "back roll" I use a partial roll of paper towels. Cheep and can be used when you need a new one, lol.

  5. The sit and reach test (seated, bending forward reaching for your toes) is a common fitness assessment. I've also variously heard it called the Pike stretch. I'm curious–if the sit and reach stretch is used as an evaluative tool for flexibility, what would you suggest in its place? (assuming we're not talking about a 20-something with no back pain history).

  6. I am going through a flare up currently and have been trying to contact my doctor all week for an MRI referral with no results. I am going to try these suggestions and find a new physician. Also, not a spring chicken 🐔. Thanks.

  7. I'm trying so hard to use good posture when bending, stooping and lifting but man this is a hard habit to break! Of course the pain in my back when trying to straighten back up gives me incentive. 😣

  8. Hello ! Guys ! ? I am still doing your exercises every day ( 3 times ) . I am getting better and better, but, I have to go very slowly. But, the word SLOW still doesn’t exist. 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭

  9. Bob and Brad Thank you indeed, this passion to present some things goods is great and enough to declare your humanity … and good luck

  10. Thanks so much for this, you guys are awesome! How did you know that this was just what I needed!? I've had recurring back pain for about 13 years and lately it's been really acting up, to the point that it's been debilitating. I've had to miss a lot of work and have been unable to do badic, general, day to day activities. It's extremely frustrating and depressing (I'm only 47 and it scares me when I can't do the things I need to do) and sometimes I'm not even sure why it flares because if I did I'd stop doing those things. Although, a new grand baby that I take care of about 30 hours a week and carry around a lot of the time likely has something to do with it. Having an autoimmune disease that I'm not managing well and my own cleaning business that takes up another 30 or so hours a week doesn't help much either. Anyway, I've realized through watching your videos that I've been doing a lot of things wrong, stretches and exercises that I thought would remedy the situation but are actually the opposite of what I should be doing. I don't see anyone for it, chiropractor, physical therapist, etc, so you guys have been a tremendous help. Thank you again for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and expertise with those of us who are suffering, it is very much appreciated!!

  11. As you know I've got both ddd and stenosis, so I find a balance. When I do extensions I do sphinx pose which is gentler than cobra and when I bend forward I make sure I bend at the hips. I actually got my medical records from both my Dr and the hospitals I've been in and I've had ddd since 2000/2001 and stenosis since 2006. I was diagnosed with stenosis in 2013 and I didn't find out about ddd until 2017. I was in a bus accident and a trauma specialist told me about the degenerative disc disease. I know we're lucky to have the NHS in the UK but the service is terrible sometimes. People die everyday because of misdiagnosis especially of cancer, it's 2019 and there's no excuse. Thanks Bob and Brad for going over the important things. A lot might go, not another back video, but it's always good to go back to the abc's!

  12. if you cant lay on your front, lay on your side and arch your back, sticking out your butt as far as possible. Arching really works to push the discs back in.

  13. Brad, I have stenosis & can’t lay down on my stomach and arch my back because it increases pain. What other thing do you do to alleviate your sciatic pain?

  14. Hi Brad and Bob i have herniated disc and stenosis as well, how can i exercise if the two is contradicting each other . If i do McKenzie and if do extension. It will get more worse. Pls give me some advice . Thanks and more power to your channel.

  15. Hallo bob and brad, awesome work.. I appreciate your good efforts. Please one feedback, you are very loud with these mikes…even at my low system volume 🙂

  16. Bob and Brad love your info. You should have a yoga instructor on to show you how to do a forward fold WITH extension! I LOVE forward folds now for my herniated disc! Check out this video and see how her back is flat, stable and extended.

  17. Completely unrelated, although thank you for this info as I do deal with lower back pain…. but it looks like you may have tightened the hinge on that top left cabinet so it hangs straight now. I always noticed it, although unimportant in the true value of your videos, and found myself unconsciously looking for it early in each video. Today I didn’t see it and did a double take, haha!!

  18. Hoping someone reads this and can help me.

    My problem has been for 13 months now.
    Started as lower back pain on the left side last September.
    I wore a lumbar support belt and it helped however the pain slowly moved up and started effecting my left shoulder blade and neck.
    I continued to play football until January and then stopped all sports and activities due to the pain.

    So lower left back pain, shoulder pain , neck pain. If I walked for any more than 10 mins the pain would make my outer hip, thigh and knee all ache and I would have a limp. This would stay for a day or 2 until it calmed down.

    Now what ive been doing for the last 10 months.

    Physio, stretching and strengthening my psoas, glutes, piriformis, rectus femoris, stretching the ql and tfl.
    Tried acupuncture
    Been to 2 chiropractors
    Been to physiotherapy twice both has said theres nothing more they can do.
    Been to my doctor on the waiting list for orthopaedics and the waiting list is 40 weeks.
    How can you go from being so fit and active to not being able to walk and nobody can find the problem.

    Ive went from playing football 3 times a week, jogging twice a week to unable to walk for 5 mins without limping and it terrible pain.

    Lying down my pain is about 6/10 any exercise takes it to a 9.
    If anyone has something similar or has any ideas please reply.

  19. Please do a video about plantar fasciitis in the arch of the foot. I am going to do quite a bit of walking on vacation in 4 weeks so I need some help.

  20. Huh? I literally watched your video from the past saying to do all those things when u have sciatica. Now you say not to do it?

  21. Brad, The Flexion exercises you showed in the beginning if done in a wrong way can cause problems or even if done in a right way with a hinge from the hips maintaining a neutral spine can also cause problems?? hmm, i don't think so, what do you say??

  22. I have advanced spinal stenosis. 98% of the videos on youtube tell you to do this miracle stretch or that one but I finally came to realize all that stretching only makes it hurt worse. so thanks gentlemen.

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