November 17, 2019
Ayurvedic treament for Common Cough and Cold

Ayurvedic treament for Common Cough and Cold

Hello friends, today we will talk about Ayurvedic
Remedies for Common Cold. Ayurvedic Remedies for Common Cold. The common cold is truly one of life’s annoyances. Headaches, body aches, stuffy noses and scratchy
throats leave us worn down and unable to enjoy our lives fully. Most people suffer some form of the common
cold at least yearly. Keeping your body, mind and spirit in balance
year-round along with preventative techniques such as proper hand washing and solid nutrition
will go far in providing you with a defense against the common cold. All of that said, each dosha is still at risk
of suffering from this all too common ailment. Vata. When a Vata suffers a cold, chances are the
symptoms will appear as a dry, scratchy throat, headaches, and sometimes a weak, scratchy
voice. Preparations of cumin and cinnamon are useful
in soothing the throat tissue. Steep these spices either together or separately
in hot water and add honey to help coat and lubricate a sore throat. In India people will chew on the leaf of a
Holy Basil plant to ease sore throats and scratchy voices. In the western world, in may not be so easy
to find a fresh leaf to chew on. Instead go to your nearest health food store
and purchase the dried leaves or powder with which to make a tea. Add lemon to accentuate the taste and provide
further healing properties. Pitta. Pitta symptoms of a cold include the sore
throat that Vatas also experience, but in addition to this are the tendencies to also
experience stuffed noses, thick nasal mucus and an accompanying fever. Bishops Weed is an effective herb in to help
alleviate nasal stuffiness. One common and simple way to use Bishop Weed
is to simply take the seeds and make a sachet out of them. Hold the sachet close to your nose and inhale
deeply. Keep the sachet with you throughout the day
and inhale as needed. You may also sleep with the Bishops Weed sachet
on your pillow to provide you with relief during the night. Anutaila drops are commonly used to strengthen
the areas of the ears, nose and throats. Help ease your cold symptoms by applying these
drops nasally. Kapha. Kapha doshas experience colds in the form
of what we commonly call a head cold. They experience thick, heavy mucus, heavy
heads and unyielding headaches. Kaphas are also prone to respiratory issues
associated with the common cold. Ginger is one of the best remedies for balancing
excess Kapha in the body. Make a cold fighting juice drink using plenty
of ginger and a strong, antioxidant fruit such as pineapple. Warming remedies will help break up any congestion
and soothe a troubled respiratory system. Think of ginger, cardamom and turmeric. You can make pleasant turmeric milk that is
soothing to both the body and soul. Add turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, and a touch
of honey to almond milk. Heat and enjoy. It is best to avoid dairy milk while recovering
from a cold, as dairy has a tendency to increase mucus. Regardless of your dosha type it is important
to respect your body and its unique balancing process by providing it with plenty of rest,
healthy foods and ample fluids. Each of these will help bring your dosha back
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