November 17, 2019
Awara Tuck Mattress Review | Is Organic Latex Comfortable? (2019)

Awara Tuck Mattress Review | Is Organic Latex Comfortable? (2019)

– Hey sleepers, Keith here. Today we’re going to be
taking a look at the all new Awara mattress and this is
supposed to be an organic, latex hybrid bed, but how does
this stack up to Tuck’s test? Keep watching to find out. (upbeat music) Our mattress testing team today includes lightweight sleeper Elizabeth,
average weight sleeper Scott, and heavyweight sleeper Mari. The Awara is a thirteen
inch latex hybrid mattress. The cover is composed of organic cotton and a natural wool blend. The comfort layer consists of four inches of organic Dunlop latex. The support core is made up of nine inches of zoned multi-gauged pocketed coils. The Awara comes in at
about a six and a half on the firmness scale making
it a medium-firm mattress. The Awara is one of the most responsive hybrid mattresses we’ve tested. The latex doesn’t conform quite as closely as a traditional memory
foam so you’re going to feel like you sleep on
versus in this mattress. To measure support, we look
at the spinal alignment of each of our sleepers
when sleeping on their side. As you can see, the mattress
offers adequate support for Elizabeth and Scott, and
even better support for Mari. To illustrate motion isolation
we put a glass filled with water on one side
of the bed and had Mari move around the opposite side of the bed. The Awara performed better than expected for a responsive latex hybrid mattress. As you can see, the mattress
absorbs motion well. Edge support is a highlight
feature of this mattress. As you can see, all of our
sleepers felt supported when sitting on and sleeping
close to the edge of the bed and none of them
experienced any instability or feeling of rolloff. Using our 2D and 3D pressure
mapping tools we’re able to see how much pressure
relief a mattress is able to provide a sleeper. As you can see, the Awara
provides solid support across all three sleeper weights and
all sleeping positions. The only peaking that we saw
was for Scott on his side and that can be attributed to his frame and not representative of the mattress. Temperature neutrality
stood out as another highlight feature of the Awara mattress. The Dunlop latex that’s
aerated in the comfort layer combined with the pocketed
coil support core made for ample airflow and
breathability and allowed for a very temperature neutral sleep surface. Now, let’s check in with our sleepers. Okay Elizabeth, what did
you think of the Awara? – I thought it was okay,
still a little more firm on the spectrum then what I like. – I think the Awara is very
comfortable, it’s good and firm for me for being a heavier sleeper. – Now if you had to pick a
position, side, back or stomach, what would you sleep in on this bed? – [Scott] Probably my stomach,
that’s just the one that felt most comfortable to me. – My back or my stomach,
it felt like it could maybe improve my posture, it can
take some of the stress off of my back. – And then when you
slept close to the edge how supported did you feel? – Very supported, I was right
on the edge and I didn’t feel like I was going to roll off at all. – Thank you so much. – Well thank you! – [Keith] Now let’s take a look
at how the Awara stacked up in our mattress tests. The Awara has a responsive
hybrid latex feel so you’re going to feel like you sleep
on versus in this mattress. Support was good for light
and average weight sleepers and very good for heavyweight sleepers. Motion isolation was very good and edge support was excellent. Pressure relief was very good across all three sleeper weights. And lastly, temperature
neutrality was very good. So here are a few take aways from our Awara mattress testing. This mattress comes in one
firmness option so if you know you want a particularly firm
or a particularly soft bed this one might not be for you. Side sleepers might find that
this doesn’t actually cushion as much as they would like, so if you like sort of a deep sink and deep conforming
mattress this is probably not your best bed. The Awara is a more luxury
offering so it comes with a higher price tag
and probably doesn’t work for budget conscious sleepers. We recommend the Awara mattress
for heavier weight sleepers, the firmness is a good option for them. Along those same lines
back and stomach sleepers will appreciate the firmness
and feel of this mattress. If you tend to heat up at
night or consider yourself a hot sleeper, this could
be a great option for you given the construction of
the mattress and the fact that you tend to sleep
on versus in it makes it a great option for temperature neutrality. Here’s some additional
information you’ll want if you’re considering
purchasing the Awara mattress. It comes with a three hundred
sixty five night sleep trial, free shipping, and a lifetime warranty. For up to date pricing and
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10 thoughts on “Awara Tuck Mattress Review | Is Organic Latex Comfortable? (2019)

  1. Thanks for the great video. It looks like the kind of mattress that would be my perfect choice. 🙂

  2. A helpful review, better than others, but I'd not call the mattress organic. Same for the organic latex callout. Organic means the mattress or the latex has organic certifications, or something to back up that claim, which they don't. They have a page on their site that talks about certifications, but they don't actually have any. Important details to be clear on.

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