February 21, 2020


Hello, dear friends! So, “Healthy advice work
for healthy people!” Today we’ll be answering
your questions. So. they ask me how
to become taller? We’re getting
smaller all the time. You see, we walk, we
excercise, we carry bags, we do physical work,
we do everything, we carry kids. Thus during the day spine
flattenes and shortens and at night it stretches. That’s why it’s important to take
care of spine in the evening, you need to do yoga asanas. So, now my book about spine
is available in Russian. This small book,
it includes everything, everything to become healthy. You can read here, page 62. Can you see,
the man is hanging on the chin-up bar? So, on advice of Andrew Anisov you should hang on the
horizontal bar every day. But I’ve designed a system,
3 sets of 15 secods, becaure your spine an hurt. Hence, you’re hanhing on the bar for 15
seconds, then take a break, walk a little, then again 15 seconds, again 15 seconds,
but for some 5 seconds will be enough. So, you’re stretching your spine
and then you’re going to bed. Or you can do a
couple of asanas, which will also
enhance spine’s growth. Cartilage’s growing at night! If you take hot shower or
bath, warm your back up, your spine,
so that it’ll turn red for the night, then cartilage will grow. It likes nourishment
such as fatty acids. All kinds of nuts
contain fatty acids. But the richesst in oils are
the strongest nuts – walnuts. They look like brains, right? And even riher are
the linen seeds. And particularly undernutrition of
fatty oils kills more people today, than cancer. Do you know this? Each of us should eat 1/2
cup of nuts every day: hazelnut, walnut, seeds… any. This’s how to find fatty acids. Of course, Omega-3 acids are most
important, it must be 25 time more of it. But we have the opposite. Due to this we receive chronic
inflammation of small intestine, diabets,
permanent pain and constipation. Considering
inflammation, taking oils completely unblock erythrocytes, sp that they can operate. And now look, what else we had? Yes, I was speaking
about hte spine. You should treat it at night. It’s neccessary to
create conditions to let it grow at night and relax,
so that cartilage is renovated. This requires
appropriate nutrition, lots of raw microelements, nuts. Don’t overtake,
but 4 walnuts are required to be taken. Linen seeds contain
20% of Omega-3 acids, but it’s hard to digest
them, if they have up to 50%. But they won’t assimilate,
as they’re to be activated by saliva. Occassionally you
can take walnuts. Do you remember how to
increase hemoglobin? Take 4 walnuts,
add a few raisins, so, and 1/2 teas dpoon
of black cumin seeds. It’ll be also okay. You see,
I’ll show you supercoctail, which is the source
of fatty acids. This is an empty glass,
this’s a blender. Look, what I’m doing. I’m pouring coctail in here,
it’s full of fatty acids. How have I made it? Look, I took 1 full table
spoon of linen seeds, dessert spoon of sesame seeds, brown sesame seeds with peel, it contains lots
of microelements, and 3/4 tea spoon of
black cumin seeds. And blend all this
quickly into a cocktail. I flavoured it with a little of
stevia, not honey. Honey causes fermentation but stevia
will help to assimilate the elements. Stevia is sold everywhere. So, it’s sweet and pleasant, sip it, suck it slowly. This coctail wil give
you a great result, broken bones will be healed,
cartilage’ll be recovered, cell membranes will recover. Why?
Because of the fat cells here. Thi means you need to take
a bit more linen seeds, even 1,5 spoons, maybe. That’s it. This coctail’ll balance sugars, also it sends fatty
acids to the intestine. When intestine is bleeding,
it’s scratched with something, as a result it’s
bleeding all the time, I hear lots of such complains. Okay, well, let’s stop here. This is protein. So, you wanted protein,
so you receive pure protein. ONe glass per day is
enough to get fatty acids. You can also fill up on
walnuts, sucking them slowly, this is the secret. You can take a glass of water
and then take the coctail, but only if you’re hungry,
appetite is needed. If person takes traditional
food, roasted dinner with meat, and then tea with sugar,
so he won’t be able to take the coctail, it won’t be digested and
there’ll be no desire to drink it or he’ll just drink it
like this and he’ll run It won’t be assimilated. Try a sip and suck
it with you salvia, because salvia’s
got all the enzymes. In this case you’ll
get everything needed. This’s protein
for our sportsmen. Many ask me “Vitaliy, how can I build muscles,
where from to take protein? I don’t have enough money to
buy expensive protein coctails”. I’m not against of them,
because many sportsmen earn oney in this way and I don’t
won’t to steal their business. It’s not allowed even
to speak about this. But still there’re people
who don’t have enough money and naturally I provide them
with this protein coctail also, and it’s my own recipe. That’s it. I’m giving it to you.
Take it, please. Is it okay for diabets? For diabet everything’s
allowed in small amounts. If you fell it’s
assimilated, if you feel you’re OK, then it’s nice. For diabets of 1st or 2nd type 25 types of parasites,
mould and so on. This is Said Guseynov. I think, you shoud read such
books, after all. Look, this is the book. I published this one
previously, 350 pages. it’s a nice booh, by the way,
but it’s not available now. Look, “In the field of parasytology
and immunology it’s been discovered by the scientists Baludyan
and Said Guseynov.” This method kills
parasytes in 100% of cases. Here they discribe
laboratory methods, how the stimulate
growth of such fungus, which are hidden
within diabetes”. And they describe here: there’re
about 25 kinds of fungus. It’s the scientific laboratory,
it has given all the results. Any, any laboratory in each
country in the world can determine whether you have
parasytes in your blood or no. I don’t want to say you have
them, no. Just in case. Better safe than sorry. That’s all. It’s written here
“By the new method it was like investigators
applied discribed stages. They identified parasytes
in blood in 100% cases of dyabetes of 1st and 2nd types,
or helminths, or their larva, of different types. The new way to find
helminths and their larva, and the other parasytes
in the blood of dyabetes, is required in order to diagnostics
and treatment of such patients. The example: “Here’s patient’s
M-05 venous blood…” And so on. Read it yourself. So, where can you read it? Where can you read it,
if I’m not publishing it now. But soon I’ll publish it. You know what,
I’ll tell you one thing. Look, this’s Alhagi. This alhagi kills
parasytes in the blood, just so you know. And I’d like to
give you an advice. So, people who work on
building sites, yes, in Uzbekistan and in another
countries in Middle Asia, these workers, they take Alhagi, in Karakalpakstan, let’s assume. I asked “Why?” They say “This is a germicidal
mediationm which kills microbes. We never get sick,
no dysenteries, no malarias. Things like that
don’t happen to us. We just brew that alhagi,
mash it and drink it a a tea”. Well, you see, so easy. And you can just eat
it, it’s prickly. Come on, Afanasiy,
can I invite you? I want to treat you. Afanasiy, please, help
yourself, come on, try it. Yes, he loves alhagi, come on. It’s batericidal. Bon appetite. Can I..? Oops, excuse me. It’s tasty and it kills
parasytes in blood. Here I’ll give you one of the
options, how people tare cured. They drink 2 glasses
of this drink per day, mixing it with green tea. How much of it may ine drink? As much as you wish. Camels it this prickle,
alhagi, and nothing else. And look, how huge they are! Camel’s milk is one of
the best in the world, 2nd plae after peg’s milk. Pigs don’t have cancer. You know that. 1 gramm, I’ll tell you
now, so, a small vial, 200 mg pig’s milk
costs 18 dollars. Because pig never gets
sick, it’s true. And amel gives supermilk,
which is also a super medcine. That’s it. So, today I’ve given
you quite good advices. And. yes, let’s talk about rice. Let’s talk about rice next time. You see, black rive,
white rice and brown rice. Which one is healthy? The healthiest one, – according to
the scientists, – is peeled rice, this white rice,
which doesn’t contain any microelements. It’s the healthiest one,
scientist say that, they claim it. People are alsoo on
the side of white rice. But another two types are
neglected, nobody buys them. We’ll talk next time. It’ll be an intereting talk,
in which we’ll take part. How doo you like it, Afanasiy?
Is it OK? He’s saying “It seems to be OK”. Well, bye, bye, bye. Bye! To your health! I’d like to wish
you all the best! Awesome!


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