February 21, 2020
Animal Proverbs: Hit The Snake 7 Inches Below Its Head | Intermediate Lesson | Trad. Characters

Animal Proverbs: Hit The Snake 7 Inches Below Its Head | Intermediate Lesson | Trad. Characters

Hi everyone, I’m Josh. 歡迎回到中文播客 Hello everybody, welcome back to ChinesePod. I’m Joy. 今天我們要聊一些和 有關的句子還有一些常見的用於 Oh, snakes are really smart – they’re also cunning. Some people say they’re manipulative, and they get what they want. 是啊,特別是在蛇攻擊人的時候 它慢慢的滑到你的旁邊 And then just attack. 所以我們常說蛇是很聰明但也 也因為這樣,蛇可以活的很久 所以我們說蛇代表 或是 Oh, so there’s also a connotation of longevity and wealth. So we’re going to talk all about snakes today, check out our idioms. 我們來看看這一個句子 所以“一朝”的意思是一日或一天 “被蛇咬”, 所以被蛇咬很痛對吧? Yeah, it hurts a lot and it’s poisonous so you’d definitely remember it. 然後”十年怕草繩”, 為什麼是十年呢? 因為很久 那前面我剛剛說 被蛇咬很痛,所以十年還是記得那個痛啊 So you’re saying it was a one day event and it happened one time, but you would remember it for many years to come because it still affects you. 對,所以”十年怕草繩” What was that animal in the end, was that a snake? 是草做的繩子呀 Ah okay, so actually this is a grass-made rope. Why am I scared of the rope though, I thought it was the snake. So you’re afraid of anything that resembles that snake in the first place. Okay, so this reminds me of a story of one of my girlfriends. It’s a sad story, though. 我最不喜歡難過的故事了 So a long time ago she had a boyfriend and he cheated on her. So since that day, what do you think happened next? She did date guys after that but she was always scared that they would cheat on her, so she was scared all the time. 所以這就是 我有一個例子 Uh oh, so you almost drowned that day? 是啊 接下來我們看看這個句子 所以打蛇,是要把蛇打死 “寸”是一個單位 所以打蛇打七寸 你覺得是什麼意思? So we’re trying to kill the snake, and we have to count seven inches I’m guessing that’s his weakest point? So you have to attack the heart Wow, that’s brutal So I’m guessing this means that when you’re dealing with a problem or attacking a person You need to face them head-on or pick the right point to attack 沒錯,意思就是 Ok, so this reminds me In self-defense class, if somebody attacks you You have to attack their throat their eyes and some other body parts 是啊 這句話也有另外一個用法 Ah, so we must efficiently attack the problem at its core to solve it 比如說 Ah, so I’m guessing, he or she fired the employees 嗯,是啊 我們來看看最後一個句子 那我們先看看“蛇吞象”是什麼意思 “蛇”明明很小,要吞“象” “象”是大象的意思 那為什麼“蛇”要吞“象”呢? Ok, so we’re talking about a snake that’s really small, really flat trying to swallow an elephant So the snake is doing something that he can’t really actually handle this big elephant and why is that happening? 我們來看看,人心不足的意思 是“人”他 他想要的更多 就像蛇吞像一樣,所以 意思是一個人很  Ah, I see. So this person doesn’t feel like what he had was enough just like it is when a snake wants to eat an elephant it’s impossible, because he can’t handle it but he still wants to do it anyway because he’s greedy 是啊,那你猜,最後蛇怎麼了? I think maybe the snake exploded 是啊,蛇最後死了 我有一個朋友 Wow, and then what happened? Well, he wanted too much, and that’s why nobody would be his girlfriend that makes sense Ok. I have another story about the same friend We know he’s greedy, so he actually made an investment and he put in a lot of money like, way too much money You can guess what happened Not only did he lose his money, he also lost his house 這就是 I really hope he learnt his lesson Ok, so let’s review all these snake idioms The very first one is about Remembering something that caused you a lot of pain for a very long time The second one is about Hitting it where it’s going to hurt Or solving the problem at the right place And finally, we have somebody that’s very greedy so the snake is eating an elephant Alright, so if you know any other snake idioms and you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them below I’m Joy I’m Josh See you next time, bye bye!

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