September 19, 2019
Anal Sex Without Pain!

Anal Sex Without Pain!

All right, I feel like I’m ready for this i just, I want you to take your time and go really, really slow Stud, for you, I’ve got all the time in the world [clicks tongue] [groans] [moans loudly] [starts singing] OH VEY MARIA Hey guys! I’m Davey Wavey and while that little skit doesn’t quite hit my prostate it does hit close to home and I think probably for a lot of people the fear of pain while bottoming really prevents them from having amazing, gorgeous, glorious, delicious anal sex Alright, so I guess first things first, I have have a little friend for you guys to meet and, uh, his name is lube now this, is spit Turns out, lube and spit aren’t really friends That’s because spit rhymes with slit and that’s exactly what’s going to happen to your ass if you try to have anal sex without using lube You know, I think there’s probably a few things in life that are worth spending the extra money on such as, high thread count sheets or professional hair coloring and definitely lube and I don’t mean the novelty lube that has flavors and scents and sensations because those tend to burn Trust me, there will be enough sensations going on down there and I get that lube is really expensive but think of it as an investment that pays in dividends of dick which is, so much better than money. Okay, so let’s also talk about psychology, because I think a lot of anal sex is mind over matter So story time: When I was teenager, there was this guy that I met that was a baseball player at a school near my house and he was like 6’3” and 210 lbs, and I remember thinking, no matter how big is dick is it’s going to look really small because he is such a huge human being so, I was wrong His penis was basically like a religious experience I didn’t even flinch and I’ve had penises that are half the size hurt twice as much It’s a mental thing and I really, really, really wanted it so, the point is, I have a boner now [laughs] No, the point is if you are comfortable, confident and really in the mood to receive then there tends to be less pain involved and there are certain things you can do to make yourself feel more comfortable down there, For some people, that’s douching But I will let you know you a little secret So turns out that most Americans get less than half their daily recommended intake of fiber and fiber is really important in digestion So obviously, you can modify your diet to get more fiber some of those foods make you gassy or bloated but there’s also supplements that you can take, like ‘Pure For Men’ So this a vegan capsule that has psyllium, chia, and flaxseed in it so as it’s digested by your body, it turns into this soft but solid mass It’s basically like a big sponge that moves through your digestive tract and it takes any waste or food particles with it and it makes for a really good elimination and so, whether you are douching or changing your diet or taking ‘Pure For Men’ or any combination thereof, when you are confident about what is going on in your bum you have less anxiety, you can relax more and so, of course, there’s less pain Now, if you guys do want to try ‘Pure For Men’, which ships internationally, I’m going to put the link down below in the video description so check it out! Okay, so let’s talk about the most important element of really amazing anal sex, and that is communication, and it goes for all parties involved If it hurts, please stop and if the pain subsides, okay, great, maybe you try it again But if it continues to be painful then it is an opportunity to, maybe, have a blowjob or just check in with each other or, call it a day, okay? And if you are topping, it is so your responsibility not to make the bottom feel guilty, or shameful for saying how it is that they feel and if you really do wanna f**k so badly, then how about you bend over? Last but not least, let’s talk about warming up and getting accustomed to taking things up your bum The Mona Lisa was not the first thing Leonardo da Vinci painted and it is ok to start with a finger or maybe two fingers, or a small toy and then maybe when you do work up to a penis, just to keep in there for a few seconds, take it out you can work up to your Mona Lisa So I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video, If you did, make sure you click the like button And in the comments below, I’d love to hear about the biggest penis that you’ve ever taken I’m actually just seeing if you’re still paying attention I love you guys! I’ll talk to you again soon, peace out

100 thoughts on “Anal Sex Without Pain!

  1. u forgot 2 mention SAFE SEX_ _ thanks 4 the tip about Pure.

    from the title i was expecting more info/tips/instruction_ and rather misleading- u did not share how to have anal sex without pain- unless you're the top..

  2. Took my first at age 12 ( and no it was not another 12-year-old). There was no pain, so he must have known what he was doing, because he was at least average, if not large.


  3. I am bottom and my ex of 18 years is about 6, the one im seeing now is about 9 and thick. This video helps me alot. Biggest one i had was just over 11 and very thick. too thick for me but i did try.

  4. Homosexual anal penetration is to heterosexual coitus as blackface is to human beings with black skin: a gross parody.People will decry those who are exclusive "tops" or who criticize anal sexΒ completely, as being misogynistic because they think to be penetrated is be feminized and that feminization is negative.Β Β However, I think that's backwards. Anal sex is an imitation of heterosexual sex that makes the act of being penetrated dirty and painful, whereas vaginas are not dirty and their penetration not painful. The dominant/submissive roles during anal intercourse are a parody of heterosexual sex.

  5. 9 inches and it was amazing. it hurt only sightly and i powered through it. the guy looked a bit like tim kruger too so it was a similarly religious experience.

  6. Wtf is there Pure for women?? Or can women use the same thing? It would be great fucking my girl in the ass without worrying about shit on my dick. Thanks lol

  7. This is doctrine of baal, any deviant sexual pleasure other than holy union between men and woman, none else. Davey you are an jezebel of men.

  8. Having smooth and moisturized penis skin helps a lot too. This is why me and my partner both use a creme called Man1 Man Oil. It is made just for the penis skin and contains several natural moisturizers. Things are silky smooth, clean and irritation-free down there. Our sex life is awesome as a result. Check this creme out.

  9. Question: I am a Bi-Female and is there anything you (your friends ) recommend for females
    ps..just found ur youtubeΒ  today and you are so entertaining while helping educate! Its wonderful what you do to help ppl be more open and not ashamed of being who they are at heart.Β 

    now I am going to be me……………..Damn you are SEXY AS HELL!

  10. I have been searching and searching for a lube that doesn't burn but when I go to any drug store my options are limited. I tried astroglide and that shit πŸ”₯. I heard coconut oil doesn't burn but it's not condom safe do you have any recommendations? I'd really appreciate it.

  11. Lol just noticed this was published on my birthday last year. What a great birthday gift – thanks, +wickydkewl!

  12. My penis is 9.25" long and 6 inches thick; I have to say I wouldn't bottom for me (i am a bisexual top) because i enjoy the 3rd sphincter (sigmoid begining where my mushroom hits the S-curve mentioned in the above clip). I thought my penis was small but go figure.

  13. The biggest one I've taken was around 8 inches and about 5 inches around so not especially thick. A buddy of mine can take a lot more. He's been stretching himself since he was around 12 years old so by the time I'd met him when he was in his mid twenties he could take my arm. To be fair, my arm isn't especially wide for an arm but it is an arm still. Usually when you do that you hold your fingers together in a taper shape but he prefers a blunt fist. He was the only guy I ever went past my elbow with. His stated goal is to one day take a telephone pole. He did have a couple of secrets he told me about that helped me which are basically three of the tips in this video. Gradually stretch over time, relax and lube. Before I met him I could barely take a pinky finger and was terrified of anal sex. He nearly always went for a massage before he expected anal sex. He has been gradually stretching himself since the age of 12 and over time he worked his way up to butt plugs half way in size between a baseball bat and a two liter soda bottle and finally he uses about a gallon a week of Astroglide. It was through him that I found out that Astroglide can be special ordered in half gallon jugs. He buys those jugs by the case. So I put on the armpit length surgical gloves, slather a quart of Astroglide on my arms and his anus and go to town. I prefer penises over arms and his is the right size for me to take. He has one of those delightful hook shaped penises that is perfect in shape, length and size for maximum pleasure of both the anus and the prostate. I get very little out of fisting him by itself but doing that for a few hours for his benefit is well worth the one hour ride he gives me afterwards Who says two bottoms can't have fun together?

  14. Theres this guy in my grade that is super hot and hes bi and i reeeeeeeeeeeeeely like him and he has the biggest bulge ever how do i get to that buldge

  15. Biggest I’ve taken anally you as 10” long and 8” around, after at least 15 minutes just to get inside me to the point of feeling his balls against my ass cheeks, it was a very slow and long stroking, mind blowing fuck session where I shot 3 times before he shot a massive load and stayed inside me while we took about a 2 hour nap, being woke up to the delight of his dick moving inside me again. Another long and deep fucking

  16. I had sex yesterday and it hurted so bad like he was big and I couldn't take it all…he thought it was funny but I wanna go back for more its just it hurts doe cuz my ass is tight asf

  17. My first time ever doing anal it didn't hurt and I didn't use lube. Id have to say it was because I wanted it 110%. I didn't doubt it. So I guess my tip is RELAX. The more you relax the less it hurts it the beginning. If you're completely relaxed it doesn't hurt πŸ˜‰

  18. Didnt know spit and lube werent friends at all, must explain why last night was so painful >.< you give wonderful advice for uninformed people like me. I'm surely gonna invest in these things for wonderful experiences to come, thank you!! πŸ™‚

  19. He puts me in the mind of one of those white gays that say they arent racist but arent in to black men

  20. I lost my boyfriend due to this he ended up cheating cause I was so stressed that all I wanted to do was please him by him fucking me and it ended up hurting everytime. I've been fuck before and by bigger and never had an issue now he was a good size I should have been able to take It. I was so stressed out about it and we never fully did it. I mean bjs happened instead but it wasnt enough and he ended up cheating on me. I do feel it was my fault for over thinking it and making it so stressful I couldn't do that for him and he was caring and understanding about it but I understand he could only have dealt with it so long. In the long run I'm now broken but learn from my story guys and just take it whether it hurts or not if your dating cause you'll end up losing them. Just saying

  21. Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way the truth and the life, whatever your going through give it to God in the mighty name of Yeshua…Choose righteousness

  22. Thanks for the video! It is extremely helpful ^~^ I just got recently married and I wanna make my honeymoon with my husband the best night of his life c: and this put so much of my anxiety out the door πŸ˜€

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