September 19, 2019
An Innovative Path for Chronic Pain

An Innovative Path for Chronic Pain

I always knew that there was better out there,
so it was just a matter of finding that better. I’m the kind of guy that if something comes
up and I wanna do it, I’m gonna try to do it. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid
Arthritis when I was 19. I had sprained my ankle in ’91,
fused it in ’95. I was killing myself taking ten pain
pills a day and drinking, and working 60-80 hours a week
and just trying to get through. And I told them, I need to do something to
be mobile and to reduce some of this pain. And they said well if you want to
be mobile you should cut it off. So that’s what I did. For me it was not a loss, it was a gain. I started to get my life back, which was huge. After that I started to have nerve pain in
my leg, it started to increase. People don’t understand, chronic pain,
it can be debilitating. When I had the DRG inserted, I wasn’t expecting
anything because I didn’t want to set myself up. And I left my doctor’s office, did a
five-mile walk around Central Park. Which up to that point, I had not walked five
miles in probably five or six years. Literally within a block I
looked at my wife and I said, I think this technology is
going to change my life. I could tell then that the pain was so minimal,
that I knew we were good. I’d say probably even in high school I wasn’t
as active as I am now. Oh I’m doing way more than I ever did. Tony and I both work hard at improving whatever
skill it is that we are doing in the outdoors, and that’s part of our relationship. We’re kind of passionate about that and
passionate about getting other people to improve their outdoor activities. There’s a lot of people out there like me
that need this help that don’t have the drive or the emotional
stability to seek this stuff out. So for me it was, I gotta find something. And now I’m at a point in my life that I
gotta help people find out about it. I’ve always, for some reason,
think God had a really positive attitude. That’s 90 percent of the game right? Your heart and your head can
get you through a lot of stuff. So yeah, hope is fine, but knowledge is better.

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