December 8, 2019

All About Seated Massage Therapy : How to Ease Headaches with Seated Massage Therapy

Hi! My name is Greg Ellsworth and on behalf
of GME Massage we’re here filming a video with Today we’re going
to talk about tension headaches, where the pain is derived from, and what you can do
in the seated massage position to alleviate some of that pain and frustration that is
associated with tension headaches. Many times as you talk about massage, you talk about
knots. What knots are trigger points. A trigger point in a muscle is where the muscle balls
up in the middle and causes pain. Instead of being straight there’s ball. That’s what
people refer to as knot. As your muscles run up your shoulder, into your neck, and into
your head, a lot of the pain actually starts here and is referred up here. As you run your
hands through the trapezius muscle, which is your upper shoulder, you can feel knots.
When you find a knot, apply pressure. Not enough to make them wince or be in pain, but
enough to know that you’re on the ball of the cause of the problem. As you apply pressure
to this knot or trigger point, the ball alleviates the stress within the ball and starts to dissipate.
As the ball dissipates and becomes smaller the pain will be reduced. As you work the
shoulder muscles and relax the pain and stress in these muscles, your headaches will be alleviated.
Another problem area is right at the base of the neck along the hairline. They’re called
the sub occipital muscles. They are very small muscles that control the movements of your
head side to side and up and down. What you can do is work right on the base of the skull.
Applying pressure in circular movements to alleviate pain and frustration that is associated
with tension headaches.

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