February 27, 2020
A Message to My Team: Learning I Have Type 1 Diabetes

A Message to My Team: Learning I Have Type 1 Diabetes

I’m Elle Marine, I live in
Hermosa Beach and I’m 16 years old. I was 11 years old
when I was diagnosed. That summer I was doing
junior life guards and soccer practice, I was super active
and I was so thin. You could see it, you could start to
see her vertebrae. It was scary. We were just noticing she wasn’t performing as well and
she was always weak, she didn’t want to do anything. I was sitting there one day, and my stomach hurt so badly. I was just sitting
there crying. I was frantic because I’ve
never seen her like that. I called up my friend
who was a nurse and she goes “Yeah, take her to
emergency right now.” I didn’t really take it to
heart until the doctor told me that you
actually have this disease. I didn’t think I would
be able to deal with it. You know, it was really
frightening at the time. You’re instantly
concerned about, how’s that going to impact her quality of life? I was surprised that the
other day that you you told me that every
night you would take your shots and you
would sit there and just cry. You never told
me that before. No [laughs] Yeah I felt kind of alone in it. I didn’t really
think anybody else understood what it was like. I realized like sitting here and being upset about it
isn’t going to do anything. I’m going to do what
I want to do and I’m going to take care
of myself as I do it. It took maybe about
a month or so, but she was back to
her normal self again and she still is. If you develop
the right discipline and approach to things, you can watch your kid
going from being someone who needs help through
managing the disease to being able to take
care of it on their own. I feel really gracious
towards them for stepping back and
having that power to say “You need to do this.” I want to be able to
take care of myself so that nobody else feels
like they have to take
care of me. All I’ve ever wanted in
my life was for my kids to be independent She’s always been
an independent person. The disease added
an extra dimension. I am 100% confident
in her ability to continue on and
have a great life. For anybody out there
watching who just got diagnosed, I think finding
that support group is definitely helpful. People who have this problem, they can band together. We fortunately have a
good network of friends and family, and it made all the
difference in the world. Seeing other people managing it, is almost like “Okay, they can do it.
I can do it.” My philosophy is that the
only person that’s
holding you back is yourself,
and if you’re willing to deal with what
you have to deal with, and do what you need to do nothing’s going to stop you.

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