November 12, 2019
A Good Adjustment ( Crack!) For Neck & Back Pain Relief

A Good Adjustment ( Crack!) For Neck & Back Pain Relief

We are here at Back Pain Relief Center, today
we are adjusting Dr Staci Avakian. Even as Chiropractors we need to get adjusted,
I guess we do about once or twice a week. We bend over all day, we put a tremendous
amount of strain on our necks and backs so we want to keep everything aligned. So first thing I am going to do is check her
leg, because her leg length will give us an indication if there is pelvic or lumbar dysfunction. With her it was a little bit on the right
so we are going to use a drop table to realign that pelvis to function and feel better. It is less pressure on the lumbar spine. Next we are going to use and adjusting instrument
we use on most of our patients. The way I use it is we do up and down the
spine and we are breaking up scar tissue, reducing tone, allowing the joint to function
normally. It makes our manual manipulation go just a
little easier so we don’t have to use so much force. The next thing I am going to use is our massager,
I know it kind of looks like a buffing machine but it is a massager and what it does is brings
blood to the surface, loosens the muscles a little to allow us to adjust easier and
reduces some tone. Next we are going to do an upper thoracic
adjustment and this will be a manual manipulation, again realigning the vertabrae allowing it
to function correctly. Deep breath and out. Good. Next we are going to a lower thoracic, upper
lumbar adjustment. You are going to bend your legs. Okay deep breath, let it out. Good. Okay back down. We are going to do a cervical adjustment and
with a lot of my patients I do it while they are laying down. It holds a little longer and brings the curve
of the neck a little better. Not all of my patients like getting adjusted,
getting their neck adjusted. Half do and half don’t. There are a lot of other ways we can realign
your neck without adjusting but with Dr Avakian we are going to adjust. That’s it, alright guys there you go that
is a spinal manipulation for Dr Staci Avakian.

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