December 14, 2019


ATTATATATAPATAPA Before this video begins… Have you bought your Christmas presents yet? Well I’m willing to offer you A GREAT DEAL! For five days, we’re re-opening all of the Pewdiepie merch that I’ve been selling. And- and then that’s it! So, you got five days to shop it before- so it will arrive for Christmas. It’s some pretty s- tight merch! I’m very proud of it, so I think you will enjoy it. Checkout link (description), and enjoy video! YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE DUUUUDEEEEEEE… (I don’t know wtf is happening here just roll with it) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Hey, you!! Come on! Laugh then! Come o-on! Laugh now! Laugh! Laugh then! Come on! Laugh! Laaaaaugh Oh! You’re a tough cookie, aren’t you? The rule is simple: SKRATTAR DUuUuU FÖRLORAR DU (you laugh, you lose) DUUUUDEEE! If you laugh, you LOSE. Will you accept this challenge? You already have. The contract has been sealed! Very well. Lets begin the challenge! DO YOU LOSE? *best sex move* (Why would you do that) *thinks about his school days* Again, please! (laughs) *I SAW THAT YOU BITCH* (Muffled laugh) That was not a skratt (laugh) That was a (phaa? ) What is This? A game? The animated contest of liberty is waiting for YOU Oh this looks good! You’ve got to take it in your hands The next AAA title game? Oh, so you can level up in this game! What do I do, Lord? DESTROY THE CHILD (Doom game starting scene kicks in) “Corrupt the demon” “You’ve returned” “Corrupt them all.” “This is their PLAN, people-” “these are demons.” Aw, that’s beautiful. Well done, editing that- *GOT YOU AGAIN FUCKER* Oh, what is this? A funny dog?! There’s no way I will laughyyyy~ (dog growling) (ferocious growling) (wtf is this) Lalalalalalala Lalalalalala LA LAAAA LA LA LAAAAA LA LA LA LAAAAAA LA LA LAAAAA LA *impression of vacuum* *did you saw that spit?* That’s so dumb …. *Closes eyes* I hate the dumb ones. *Rewatches it again* AH LA LA LA LAAAAAA AHLALALALALALA *pewds chuckle* LA LAAAA Oh my gawd LA LAAAALLL *Inhales* AH LA LA LAAAAAA AHLALALALAAAA Well, turns out I’m not really good at this game! (no kidding) I don’t know if anyone has picked up on that. (we have) (awkward silence) *knock on wood* *chuckle* *inhales* It’s so dumb… I thought it was real football for a second. Man. “The FIFA graphics look so GOOD!” It’s like “Oh wow, the graphics of this game looks really good! “Oh yeah… it’s an EA game….”. “never mind.” (Shade) *Chuckles maniacally* *Inhales* EA, if you’re watching! Okay.. I know you’ve got some bad PR lately …. Don’t worry! Do not PANIC! I know how to fix this! (you do?) Skate 4! (oh.) We want Skate 4. And don’t make it good. Make it as shitty as S-Skate 3. *Sizzle* That’s all we want. So you don’t even have to put the effort in. you can release like a… Half done Skate 4 And people will love it even more! Come on, EA! Thank you! * Sorry I´m late. (Japanese) (Snake Screaming? *Funky Music* Snake! What happened? Snake?! SNAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKEE?!?!?!?! *TEHE* NO! I DID not laugh I DI- That did not count! *SLAPPING!!!!!!!* [ear rape warning] *DUBSTEP?* *Inhales Slowly* *Exhales* I’m not. (yes) No. (Yes) Im just not! (yes) *SLAPPING!!!!!!!* [ear rape warning] *HERE WE GO AGAIN* Thank God I didn’t laugh at that. Thank God. (I did) That was close. Oooohhh I’ve – *Laughter* I’ve seen this one. It is – *Kisses* PRISTINE! This one comes with a ‘TRIGGER WARNING’, okay? This will physically… Hurt To watch *Laughter* “So you like Rick and Morty, huh?” “Yeah.” *Grabs Juice* “I got into it because of my Son, but now I love it too!” “Wabalubadubdub” *Belch* *Giggling* *Laughter (Cringing) *Inhales* YES OF COURSE!!!!! “I am an ‘INTELLECTUAL’. I see you are an ‘INTELLECTUAL’ AS WELL!!! (dat accent tho) “So you enjoy- *Pause* “Rick and Morty just as much as I do!” “YES of COURSE I do!” “I love when Rick and -” “Rick says-” “*weak-ass burp*” “ISSSAAABESSSSSSSt!!!” “Oh!” “It makes me LAugh….” “BUT not Skrata!” (laugh) “It makes me laugh.” *Digusted* Vary nice It’s a good ‘ole gif… From JonTron. Thank you If this video gets taken down I will 100% blame JOHN TRON for it. *Bell* “But it’s a funny MEME!”. “HAHA” My door is ringing. [Crazy Swedish noises] [Fuggin Dogs] Gotta get 10 minutes somehow 😛 (sure he will) Hey! What is this?? [Awkward Silence] [Pewds chuckles] wtf 😀 wait.. There’s gotta be an original to that… Oh my god, come see! Lookit that dog! [Pewds laughing at girl laugh] [pained noises] […] So random! What the hell? 😀 “Hey, just look at that dog over there!” Ah, the simple joys in life! 😀 But, of course, you didn’t laugh Because then you lose and you do not, believe me, you do NOT want to lose Oh.. Ohhhhh 🙁 Awww :'( Eh… Awwwww 🙁 Just hel… Awwww! No.. NOOO AWW! Kitty NOO! Kitty.. kitty… Aww.. I can’t look- I can’t look at this! 🙁 Kitty, please! Can someone help the kitty? Oh my gawd! If you laugh at that, you 100% lose!>:( Cos that’s a poor animal, getting in distress, for our entertainment. And I am not ok with that 😛 Ok, I’m above that and that’s why it’s called YLYL. Cos if you laugh at this, YOU LOSE, YOUR MORAL COMPASS>:( Now thats..! That’s hilarious haha! 😀 Bish got REKT! Christian channel (uh huh) heh 😀 That man is gonna be a- an- a- be an NBA superstar.. one day… Is that what it’s called? NBA? NFL? [overlapping voices] aw *ded* (dont laugh felix!) (yes, feign sympathy you monster) Oh, he’s not getting up! (no duh) *laughs* That was not funny! She just like… “You ok there?” He died! Spider.. die- dead! [mysterious banging sounds] (ping pong trickshot incoming) (win) *chuckle* Wow. That is incredible- Well, TECHNICALLY… Didn’t he lose? Cuz- It- It hit HIS. (no Pewds, red shirt won. It bounced) Look! He lost! Th- The red shirt lost! Congrat lations! You just PLAYED yourself! The twists and turns life can take! This is what this channel is all about. This is the heart of the channel. I’m glad. I’m glad we got such a… DEEP, WONDERFUL example of this! (DEAR GOD NO) Aw, come on! Great. No. No. I didn’t laugh at that. I didn’t laugh- I DIDN’T SKRAATA (laugh) Do you understand? No-o! No! I said “No! I DID NOT LAUGH!” Yuk! Not funny 🙁 I feel like I’ve seen this… “Stephanie Marie, *This post will now be read in real time* *Cough* *furious typing* *more real-time reading of a very triggered reply* CHEK YO PRIVLIJ *even more reading* Like MEEEEE *reading* Pat Riarchy, Good one. *generic reply notification noise* *Pewds Reads* “Thank you chris” *random people praising random guy they’ve never met before over the internet for idiotic, ignorant comment on facebook* “My God!” XD [10 min mark achieved, time to end video] WTF with that face *insert improv sax here* *CLAP CLAP CLAP* That was good! That was beautiful! Well done! This is why you need to respect whamen. Look at Chris! He’s such a WONDERFUL whamen respecter! Look how much pussy he’s bathing in. Come on. I think we *unintelligible* -learned a LESSON here! “Be more like Chris.” We need more people like Chris on the internet! 100% OMG… Yeah- I’ve seen this one! I almost don’t wanna show it. *awkward silence* (buy me dinner first) So it’s a TV- *wheeze* Oh Gawd… It’s a T- *hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* It’s a TV show where they pick the tattoo for the- The other- eaugh- *wheeze* *gasp* Oh man… Britain. W- Well done, Britain. I wanna say, y’know… It’s not THAT bad… Could be worse… Es- Esketit. ESKA- *asmr voice* ~hey *long gasp* it’s- FREE REELISTAYT *succ* Wh- eugh *sniff* *replays* *in asmr voice* “hey,” *sup* *long drawn out breath* It’s (A Jim Tucker The Landman Meme) So dumb… It’s always the quick and dumb ones. I can’t- You have this- *eaugh eaugh* this physical build-up And you think you know where it’s gonna go, but it doesn’t go where you want it to go and then you’re like- “EAUGH- EHE” *succ* I just explained comedy. *moderate clapping* Yay for me! 😐 *clapping fades out, becoming less enthusiastic* *Parachute folds in on itself* Who lands stalburt(?) anyway? What the heck? OMG… He’s gonna get rekt. Huh *small pre-teen screaming* *chuckles* (STILL NOT A SKRATT) (Screams of a dying Chimpanzee) *Chimpanzee is put out of its misery* Is that a monkey playing the game?! “Wow! Impressive!” Ah- PFFTL So dumb XD I can’t- Ahhhh~ ~Make it nasty~ Ppteugh hehehe *more rap jams* Pftuh- Ehe- Hey, it’s Twitch summarized, everybody! Hey, ho, hey, ho~ OK! THAT was it for this episode of “SKRATTAR DU, FÖRLORAR DU!” Did you laugh, or did you lose? Leave a comment down below, Letting me know, WHAT your result- END RESULT was. Leave a like, to show your support! And remember to watch this video. Many, many times. With your family. Friends. Loved ones. And as ALWAYS… Remember: *what am i doing* *where am i* *who am i* *IDENTITY CRISIS* *KILL ME*


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