December 14, 2019

61 thoughts on “9 Early Signs of Diabetes: The Symptoms In Adults and Children

  1. The problem with diabetes is it's symptoms can also be caused by a multitude of other diseases, and those symptoms can be intermittent which can really confuse people who are experiencing them. My uncle had no idea he was diabetic until one day he passed out for no apparent reason.

  2. I 12 years and I have 2 type of diabetic and I fill to bad when it get to high .I take insulin 8 always.Almost it is avobe 10.5.

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  4. Only one I can relate to is blurry vision, mostly in my right eye. Everything else seems fine. I drink allot of water but I don't realy pee constantly. never feeling I need to drink allot of water either. Think I might be a tiny bit tired at times but allways seems to pass when I'm up and moving like I still have energy for the gym etc. it's mostly just the eye issue that bothers me so I'm guessing due to me only matching that one thing on here it must just be an eye problem. Maybe just need glasses

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  6. There have additional ways of curing type 2 diabetes. I have dozens of patients that have succeeded to come of all medications for their diabetes by following up these steps from here that provides lots of curing type 2 diabetes information. It is obviously all the more efficient if it is combined with a healthy diet i.e. eating local and seasonal. Once should note that such a regime not only can cure diabetes, or at least improve it very substantially, but it also makes you feel much better… It is not easy to do, one of the main problems being to have a convinced physician…

  7. Wow, I'm 9 for 9. In the back of my mind, I've known I've had insulin resistance for a long time now. Sometimes you need someone to explain it and really hit it home for you to wake up and try to do something about it. Thanks for the vid!

  8. I just came to check if I have it I'm glad I have none of this and I would like it to stay that way I'll try to avoid a lot of proceeded sugars and drink more water I'm gonna live a healthier life.

  9. I drink a lot of caffeine because it help me to focus so I go a lot to the bathroom but I'm never thirsty. I was told by my doctor that there is a deeper diabetes test that can tell you if you have it, because find stuff that the regular test doesn't see.

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  11. Lol I am a diabetic even know my life been very easy lol I have no problems being a diabetic I am not shy being a diabetic nobody care that I am a diabetic they don't luagh at me lol for some strange reason 😐?

  12. Someone please write back I have had numbness in my two toes, it started when I started my job I don’t know if it’s because of that or diabetes. Please answer

  13. There are a few suggestions worth trying
    eat 1 dish a day containing bitter melon
    fresh mango leaves infusion in water
    eat bitter gourd regularly this contains an insulin type chemical
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  15. I'm shaking I'm really scared its so hard to type I think I have diabetes and I'm only 11 I'm gonna try and cut back on sugar from now on

  16. It was years since I went to a doc. I found out I had the diabetes after I stepped on a nail, little or no feel it, and shocked to wake impede next morning with blood all over! I went to a pastor and he said I had it diabetes. Too many burgers and ice creme. And too much soda. had to So this is my message to everybody: You check your blood sugar and you check it often!

  17. I have a dry mouth dry hands and I feel like needle is poking the bottom of my foot is that a red flag ??

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  23. I have a high chance of getting type 2 diabetes cause my mum my little have diabetes and I have mitochondrial disease

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  25. I pee like 13 or 14 times a day. And i wear glasses from age 6 cz i watch tab. Im 12 now and when i put off my glasses it becomes blurry. When i put it on. It becomes clear . Is this two signs a problem? If u pee 13 times a day. Is it a problem? Plsss answer. I need help 😭

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