December 14, 2019
7 Signs of Low Potassium:  Hypokalemia  – 2019

7 Signs of Low Potassium: Hypokalemia – 2019

Hi, I’m Dr. Ken Berry, a family physician and for the next few minutes I really want to discuss something that’s quite important for human health and optimization and that’s potassium and potassium deficiency and this video is gonna be about the seven most common signs of low potassium or potassium deficiency that your doctor might miss. Some of these signs and symptoms can be quite subtle and if you’re not looking for them and know what to look for, you can overlook them and then you’ll go on suffering from deficiency in potassium and not know you’re suffering. So if you know someone who values their health and would like to know if their potassium is optimized or not please share this video with them in an email, text message. Share it on your Facebook, your Twitter, your Instagram, help me to help other people live their best optimal healthiest life. Now let’s talk about first of all what potassium does in the human body? It does thousands of things, this video would be hours long if I tried to cover them all but let’s sum it up into three big categories. First of all, potassium acts as an electrolyte and it helps to balance the fluid in your body and you’ll see down in the seven signs some of these signs are directly related to that. So balancing your fluid properly is very important if it’s not balanced properly it can lead to heart failure and other things and so in that case, we don’t want to have low potassium also, it functions to help nerves to conduct quickly and very efficiently if your nerve conduction is slow that can lead to problems as we’ll see later in this video and then also potassium helps your muscles contract optimally and strongly and you have three different types of muscle in your body you have smooth muscle in your gut and your internal organs, you have cardiac muscle in your heart and you have striated muscle in your skeletal muscles the muscles that you actually think of when you make a muscle, right? Now, the serum potassium in your blood is tightly controlled. Your body has to keep it between a certain and usually it’s three and a half to four and a half somewhere in there it’s very tightly controlled. And so your body in order to keep your serum potassium level within normal limits it will rob potassium from your muscles from your gut from your nerves from your bones even from your brain if it has to because it without your serum potassium being in this very tight range you’ll quickly die and your body knows that and so that’s why you can actually go to the doctor and have your serum potassium checked and it’d be normal, but you’d still be very deficient in potassium. Now, let’s talk about the seven signs that you need to know about so that you can know if you potentially have low potassium or not. First of all number one is Physical weakness you feel like you should be able to pick that up or you feel like you should be able to climb those stairs But when you try you become very weak very quickly Now this sign and all the other signs can be signs of other things as well But one of the most important things they could be a sign of, is low potassium number two is mental fatigue, so not physical fatigue or physical weakness, but mental fatigue and irritability if you’re just irritable and you’re not really sure why or If you’re just mentally very very sluggish that could definitely be low potassium. Number three is muscle cramps, muscle twitches, muscle spasms. If you’ve jumped up in the middle of the night with a leg cramp, that’s almost assuredly, low potassium. If you have muscle twitches under the eye or muscle spasms when you really shouldn’t be having that kind of muscle movement, that could be low potassium. Number four is constipation and bloating thus your large intestine is lined with smooth muscle, that’s what helps move the feces through there. If your smooth muscle doesn’t have access to enough potassium, you can have constipation and that’s why an electrolyte drop that has potassium in it can help amazingly with constipation, bloating is the same thing. You can’t move the gas along if your smooth muscle is not operating optimally. Number five : palpitations or arrhythmias this is when you can actually feel your heart beating or your heart is obviously not beating in a normal sinus rhythm. Your heart is made of the cardiac muscle and that can definitely be affected if your potassium is low. Number six is edema or fluid retention and so if you’ve got swollen ankles or your fingers are swollen and you can’t get your ring off that you can normally get off, that could absolutely be low potassium and potassium might help fix the edema around your ankles and the swelling in your fingers as well. Number seven : muscle aches and stiffness so different than muscle tiredness or fatigue or weakness is If you wake up and you’re just achy and stiff and you’re like I didn’t really do anything yesterday I don’t know why I’m so achy and stiff that could absolutely be low potassium numb and now a bonus one if your potassium gets super super low you can actually have numbness in your fingers and toes in your hands and feet and that’s when your potassium has gotten really really low, at that point you need to see a doctor and so for any of these signs that I’ve talked about in this video I would go see your doctor and don’t be surprised if your potassium level is within normal limits. Remember I said you can have severely depleted potassium levels in your body and have a normal serum potassium level and that’s why I like to eat lots of potassium rich foods I’m actually gonna link a video either here here of the seven foods high in potassium that you can enjoy on a ketogenic diet. Sometimes when I have a cup of coffee I love to put some electrolyte drops in that coffee just to make sure I’m getting enough potassium and and magnesium and chloride and sodium and all that stuff and I’ll put a link down to my favorite electrolyte drops down in the show notes below. If you’ve enjoyed this video, please click the subscribe button and the little bell button right beside it, so that every time I get a bright idea, you’ll be one of the very first to know. If my videos have benefited your health in some way, please consider becoming a patron there’s a patreon link down below. You can click it, it’s a quick sign up and then you can throw a buck or two my way so that I have more time and more resources to make videos just like this. This is Dr. Berry. I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Get those wireless things out of your head you’re a doctor don’t you know that your jaming those signals into your brain?

  2. I literally had every single one of these symptoms and pretty bad. Nine months on a potassium rich KETO diet and I now have no such symptoms . Love ya Dr Berry!

  3. So informative, so well researched, no junk medical science, and we are so blessed.
    My 45 th day of Keto, age 71,oing well
    I am an acute dyspepsic, no doctor has ever suggestrd dietary changes other than burnt bacon, burnt toast. The charcoal it produced when burned did help, and like it to this day. Yeah, I know about charcoal tablets. The meds my gastrointestinal guys prescribed, de-ossified bones, added more issues, plus with today's current medical findings I was low on stomach acid NOT high, plus they removed my gall bladder when I begged them not to. Told me had to be done, it was an emergency. So I am hoping that the Keto diet will help. Anyone out there have hints or advice, pass them on to me, please.

  4. Eat normal food-three squares a day- and the bodies internals will regulate what’s to be expelled and what’s to be stored in your stores…

  5. Help please I live in Australia in a rural area I have been eating a clean keto since January I am now on a maintenance diet as I’m not over weight have good sugar readings I’m not pre diabetic and blood pressure is fine slightly low , however I do have familial hypercholesterolaemia I have just been tested and my cholesterol is 10 , HDL 2.44 LDL 7.1 and ratio is 4.1
    I am allergic to statins and she is demanding I stop keto but I don’t want to we have no doctor specialised in keto and I’m 63 , any advice would be appreciated

  6. It's like you've been in the room with my r and I….. Type 2diab, ok now I think you're type 1 Diab…and you have a fatty liver. And no one ever told me no aspirin Tylenol ibuprofen. Ima find out how to send you a couple bucks because you are telling me things my drs say but they just breeze over everything except how come you stopped talking your meds. I'm long winded and flighty but I thank God for you and your determination to reach as many of us as you can…

  7. Dr. Berry… I've been on keto for over a year, lost 55 lbs, but developed edema in my lower left leg and foot, have occasional slightly faster and stronger heartbeat (happens maybe every other month, lasts 20-30 mins or up to a few hours, sometimes with some slight lightheadedness), also on-and-off constipation. Never had any of these issues before going on keto.

    I eat one or two meals a day (usually pretty similar), walk two miles daily, and maintain the keto guidelines.

    I've been taking the potassium citrate powder from Bulk Supplements for about two months, about 1250-1650 mg (1/4- 1/3 tsp) per day w/food (also mag citrate gels, 500 mg/day, along with six other supplements).

    What's your opinion on the dosage, should I increase?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. It's funny how Pleiadians said thru don't channel anymore because humans now have the internet, and Taygetans connect to our internet to contact people.

  9. Hello Doctor Berry, do you have a youtube alternative and where? Things will change after the 10th of December… i am worried where we can get info if youtube's purge is killing stuff they do not want out there… please let us know. thanks for all you do!

  10. My mother passed away years ago and found she had no potassium , I seem to have all the symptoms your speaking about and more

  11. Dr. Barry, you always share information with us without any expectation of us to return the favor. For that I say thank you. I would also like to share some helpful information with you. Please burn that shirt. It is hideous. Have a wonderful day and be well.

  12. Hi Doc all that sound like me. I have all the symptoms. I take a water pill and heart medicine. I always wake up with numb fingers , have the cramping legs, twitching under eye, good to know. I sometimes get up eat a banana it has helped. Ty Doc for the useful information. 😊

  13. I have very low serum sodium levels, is it possible to have both low sodium and potassium? I basically have all 8 of the symptoms (minus irritability. I may get cranky, but not like irritable) and my doctor said she thought I had rhabdomyolysis, but then never tested me or did anything with it.

  14. I was hospitalized with hypokalemia at a level of 2.5 I was so ill I thought I was dying. vomiting up orange fluid.. was horrid. . I had cancer at the time and was taking a lot of oxycodone. And I mean a lot.. I believe that had a lot to do with the loss of potassium..

  15. i was diagnosed with episodic hypokalemic paralysis so i took a potassium every 10 days but when i added it every day 99mg i didnt need to use o2 for 4hrs a day or on outings. i had a hystery of inverted t waves. who knew

  16. Hi, Dr Berry!☺️
    I'm so thankful that you discussed this topic. I have experienced these symptoms; however, now that I take Keto Chow drops, I rarely experience these symptoms☺️ Thank you so much💗

  17. Dr. Berg, I have these symptoms frequently ! I don’t drink enough of water 💦 ! Very dangerous ! I really need an intervention with this ! Help !!! Thank you Dr. Berg !

  18. Dr Berry can you please talk about scleroderma please , and about chemo tablets for autoimmune disease please , will the immune system work better on keto ? Many thanks from Ireland

  19. Magnesium fixed a lot of my issues except I still get a lot of muscle twitching in my legs all day and night maybe I should crank up the potassium.

  20. Thank you for this video. I have a question I hope you can answer for me. I am taking a water pill to lower my BP, which has worked with no side effects to date. But I am warned not to take too much potassium. My recent blood levels are good. Is the Real Salt ok to take in a low dose? I intend to eat high potassium foods. I have no signs of low potassium. Thanks again!

  21. Your caffeine drinks leach potassium. I recommend the book caffeine blues. On my 4 month of being caffeine free I feel better than ever

  22. Had All the symptoms mentioned severely on statins – along with muscle wasting. Still get them intermittently years after stopping. Thanks for this information. Really helpful.

  23. Question: I think that a potassium deficiency might be causing MS like symptoms. ALL labs are coming back "normal". Awaiting an expensive EMG test. In the meantime, how many mg of potassium supplement should I take daily, to see if it helps reduce symptoms???

  24. I make a green juice daily that contains the following to ensure I get optimum levels of magnesium, potassium, and a wealth of other things my body needs: Raw organic spinach/raw organic kale/2 carrots/ginger root/1 cucumber/1 green apple/1 pear. Sometimes I add in beets but most of the time I eat beets as part of my daily intake.

  25. I was diagnosed with Heart failure and had an Ejection Fraction of less than 15% they put me on Entresto and it rose to 40% feeling so much better but one of the side effects is a high potassium level. They tell me to avoid potassium rich foods. I have several of the possible symptoms for low potassium but I have been advised to stay low because of the entresto and not getting my potassium level to high because it can be detrimental to my health. Any advice?

  26. Dr Berry, Do people without a Colon and have a J-Pouch need to pay additional attention to low potassium? Is the Ketogenic Diet safe for people in this condition? And are they more susceptible to Type II Diabetes as a result of having their small intestines altered to create a J-Pouch? Thank You in Advance.

  27. It seems to be difficult to differentiate between low potassium and low magnesium. I generally supplement extended release magnesium with meals (having been previously diabetic, and currently insulin resistant) and supplement potassium and extra magnesium when I have symptoms. I also add a little NoSalt (potassium chloride) to my food. Having done keto for a year, I find I'm having fewer and fewer symptoms indicative of low electrolytes.

  28. I've recently read that eating bananas while taking lisinopril. Anything to it? I've been eating one before gym for several years.

  29. How can I get potassium up with 2 meals a day and getting an average of 700 calories a day, with having to force myself to eat that more than that? I try to eat veggies but a cup is my limit of what makes me feel full

  30. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. I’ve been miserable the last few weeks and could not figure out why. I had just about every symptom you called out. I just happened to have some electrolyte drops in the house and added it to some tea last night. OMG!!! What a difference!!! I feel SSSSOOOOO much better. Amazing how just a few drops can turn things around overnight. Thank you, thank you, thank you 💕🎉💕

  31. What’s your recommendation for daily ? I’m at 200-600 daily in divided doses. I was always told to not take more than 200 at a time but that might’ve been an old wives tale

  32. I've put myself in the walk in ER over low Potassium, 3 times. Needless to say, not doing that again. Some individuals are more sensitive to low Potassium and Magnesium.

  33. My NP told me that I cannot take potassium or diuretics – "they will give you a heart attack". She drives a new Mercedes that I am paying for too.

  34. What if you are low in everything you discussed, have those symptoms but your calcium numbers are high. I was just diagnosed with hypercalcemia? Should I still try to fo these drops or should I try something different?

  35. Not to forget the importance of K2 in which most people are deficient. Go organic and natural on dairy and meat as much as possible, factory farmed foods barely have any of this essential mineral.

  36. Thank you Dr. Berry excellent video. I have some of these symptoms muscular leg pains , foot swelling, some weakness not as strong as I should be. Going to start eating bananas & other potassium rich foods on a regular basis. How are we losing our potassium ? Poor diet ?

  37. Half a teaspoon of cream of tartar in a glass of water will give you plenty of potassium and it’s way cheaper then pills 💊 👍😊

  38. Thanks for sharing
    Just signed up after watching this earlier.going to leave a comet hoping you'll do on pancreas. This one intrested me cuz after going into icu on lasix iv & loosing 61 lbs in 3 days.after 7 days in hosp.went into nursing home for 2 mos. As i had developed LYMPHEDEMA which is being treated.but also put on 80 lasix & 80 potassium. Just wsnted to send you my comment.will be watching for more. Thanks

  39. 1. Physical weakness
    2. Mental fatigue
    3. Muscle cramps
    4. Constipation
    5. Palpitations
    6. Endema
    7. Muscle aches & stiffness

    8. Numbness in hands and feet
    ( SEVERE)

    I have been getting bad foot and leg cramps this year.
    Thanks for the info.🙂

  40. Thank you Dr. I have all the symptoms you have mention, I’ll call my dr. In the morning,thanks.👏👏👏👏👏👏

  41. My blood work tested low on Potassium in 3 separate blood tests, from 3 different doctors, in 3 different cities. NOT one of those 3 doctors offered me a Potassium RX!

  42. Dear Doctor I'm your new subscriber ever since around 2 weeks ago. Thanks because so far I've been learning a lot about health. Today's topics I have 7 out the 8. Thanks for all your advices. Greetings from Dom Rep.

  43. Thanks for that. Are you aware of the damaging EMF frequency going through your brain with those ear pieces in? Just sayin!

  44. Weeks ago in an interview with Paul saladino I think, you said it’s dumm advise to tell people to eat veges, you were into carnivore back then. Please clarify your present opinion.

  45. Most of the things you talked about I experience. However my blood sugars drop alot being on the keto diet. Do get irritable, can't think well, get weak in the legs. I have diabetic neuropathy that is severe and have a pain pump. I am administered Fentanyl. I guess I should ask my doctor to check my potassium level or is the medication doing this. Thanks for the advice and will take action.

  46. Dr. Berry, if I am eating mostly carnivore and feel the need for a tiny bit more fat and veggie, will avocados mess up what is being achieved with the animal fat? Is there a lot of difference between animal and plant fat? Thank you!!

  47. Hi! Dr. Berry and what a cute little boy you and your wife have! I do have 1 QUICK QUESTION: I'm just starting Carnivore from a Keto diet and was wondering, although I've heard mixed info, "Can I eat liver everyday (I LOVE IT) or just ONCE a week?

  48. My dear friends lost her husband over a 4 day period, when he did not feel well and went to the doctor who dismissed him and sent him home. He was dead on the fifth day.

    He was so low in potassium that his heart stopped. 'All he needed was a banana', Is what my friend said over and over. Her life has not been the same.

  49. Can you make a video on the effects of a carnivore and keto diet, on pancreatitis and gallbladder problems. Thank you for your videos, they are encouraging and informative.

  50. I've had 2 angiogram this year to fix artery in my legs. Both time they told me my potassium was low. The first time in March, I was already taking 99mg of chelated potassium. So I doubled the dose. The second time in October they they told me my potassium was low again. How much potassium should I be taking, or is something else going on?

  51. Hi Dr. Berry, I have been watching your videos for quite some time now. I found out I have type 2 diabetes about a year and a half ago, and I also found out I have coronary artery disease with a 25-40% blockage about 8 months ago. I have wanted to start a keto diet to help my diabetes, but my cardiologist told me to minimize fatty meats and put me on a statin as well as ezetimibe. I also take a beta blocker, a baby aspirin, and xigduo Xr for my diabetes. I am 25 years old, 5’10” tall, and weigh 200lbs. What should I do? And what is the next step for me to start getting off these medicines and reversing my diabetes? Hope you see this, and have some advice for me!! By the way, I am a huge fan of all your videos. Thank you for all the information you put out there, we love ya down here in south Alabama, buddy!

  52. my speculation is, as usual, more than focusing on potassium rich food (of course that's important too) , I would try to stay away from antinutrients.

  53. Hello there Dr. KEN. I Have been carnivore with nonprocessed cheeses and heavy whipping cream for a month now; I've lost 20 lbs of water weight. All that was pretty much in the first two weeks. Since then I haven't gained or lost any. Kinda good but I need to lose over 100 lbs. I have a big family so I can't be buying steaks all the time. What else can I do to lose weight without completely compromising my metabolism?

  54. Why spend money on electrolyte drops? Make your own. I put Nu Salt, Himalayan pink or Redmond's Real Salt and magnesium in water and drink it cold 👍🏽

  55. Love watching your videos. Very informative. Have a question about probiotics. Is there a specific brand you recommend or what we should look for when deciding on one?

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