February 21, 2020
40대 이후 허리디스크로 발전할 수 있는 좌골신경통에 특효제로 쓰이는 약초

40대 이후 허리디스크로 발전할 수 있는 좌골신경통에 특효제로 쓰이는 약초

Hello, this is Volcano.
Today, I’m going to take you to the redwood family.
Let’s find out about Chen Li-hyang. When the flowers bloom, they smell like flowers.
It’s called Cheonni Hyang because it goes all the way to Cheolli. chiefly southern or part of an island.
Or a small tree that grows on Jeju Island.
They usually live in a damp, half-shaded area. Because it’s not a common plant, it’s not a common plant.
Very large and usually planted at home or in government offices,
We can sometimes see it in the park. Because the scent of flowers is very strong and thick,
When the wind blows, the scent is recognized from afar.
The subtle fragrance stimulates your nose, so you can feel refreshed.
It is also a flower that makes it and suits the spring feeling. Especially if you take the flowers and put them in the newlyweds’ room.
It creates a good atmosphere, and it’s what makes couples feel better.
It gets stronger and better. The flowers bloom in March, and there is a round seed.
It’s somewhat toxic. The leaves of the tree are thick with leather, and the edges are smooth.
with four seasons of bluish appearance.
It is a widely loved tree. The flowers are white and have an auspicious smell.
The cedar tree is in winter.
It is especially popular. It is much like a westerly tree with red flowers,
The cedar tree has white flowers, including Jeju Island.
It is also known to grow on its own only in the south. The white-scented flowers that bloom from March to March smell good.
The branches came out fine, and for hedges,
May-June ripening fruit is red.
It is said to be highly toxic. (Major components)
Glucosides are the main ingredient of the plant.
It contains daphnein and it has Umbelliperon on the ground,
The roots contain daphneolons and so on. (Cheollihyang pharmacology test)
One of the things that makes a rabbit taste natural.
If daphne is internalized, the clotting of the blood is compromised.
It lasted two to three days, and the resistance was compromised.
Factor activity is down. So the asthmatic odor is what we call a pharmacological experiment.
If you overdose it with a powerful foam, you’re gonna throw up the vomit, etc
When symptoms develop and become addicted, body temperature rises, excitement,
His pulse quickens and he’s having difficulty breathing
It can lead to death. Chen Li-hyang is throat infection, breast cancer, arthritis, diabetes,
When a headache, stomachache, stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal inflammation, or snake bites,
It is used for smallpox, etc. In herbal medicine, roots and bark,
Use the leaves as the main drug, haemostasis, hibernation,
They prescribe detoxification, contusion, etc. Chen Li-hyang works well if you take it before you go to bed.
Especially, rheumatoid arthritis, hemorrhoids, etc.
There are also clinical reports of efficacy in sciatica. The sciatica is confused with the back pain.
It’s often used,
Back pain is limited to the waist.
The sciatica begins at the waist or hip.
It’s a painful condition that stretches out to the legs. So the hips, the thighs, the calves, the feet, the back.
If there’s a severe sleep and a throbbing pain,
You can also suspect the sciatica. The sciatica is most common in your 40s.
Since they were in their fifties, the frequency
It’s characterized by a gradual decline. Also, tall people, smokers, and mental stress are the most important things.
The more, the higher the incidence of sciatica.
A known, heavy manual worker,
Job drivers also have a lot of sciatica. Chen Li-hsiang was quoted as saying by the clinical report of the sci-fi
We’ve treated 93 times, 21 complete,
44 calls and 28 invalidations. Also, some patients may have a post-dose experience.
Dizziness, mouth-wrenching symptoms, stomach discomfort, etc
He showed up, but two or four hours later,
It’s naturally gone If you take flowers and drink a flower tea for about a month,
My head is so clear that I can’t get a headache.
It has some effect on rhinitis and sinusitis. and women’s menstrual pain, uterine hemorrhage, toothache,
I use it, and when my head hurts like a broken,
If you juice it and then spit it out, it’ll cause a lot of pain.
It shrinks. Chili-flavored outposts have an effect on preventing clotting.
When you are diabetic or have severe gastritis and enteritis.
It works strongly when taken. (pharmaceutical method)
Chollihyang can use medicinal herbs in all areas.
Three grams of flowers are dried in a well-ventilated shade.
Drink tea, and the leaves and the stem shells are…
You can take it twice a day because it’s long in water. Or we can eat it with powder.
I’m gonna take some non-drying biochemicals,
Crash where there’s a wound or bleeding,
It’s also pasted. in the event of a drink
About six months after cutting flowers or branches.
After maturing it into a glass of soju.
You can have a drink a day. (CAUTIONS)
Flowers taste sweet and salty, so it’s good to eat.
It’s anaesthetic. If you take too much,
You have to eat the right amount because it’s a side effect.
Especially seeds are highly toxic.
Be careful not to eat. Thanks for watching.
This has been a volcano.

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