December 14, 2019
3 Stretches to Reduce Hip Pain

3 Stretches to Reduce Hip Pain

Hi, my name is Marc Albano. I’m a physical therapist here at the outpatient physical therapy clinic at Sharp Grossmont Hospital. I’m going to show you a few hip exercises
that can help strengthen and support your hip as well as help improve flexibility and
range of motion. First off, keep in mind that everybody is
different. So while I’m going to be showing you a few basic exercises that could help a lot of people, it’s best to consult your physical therapist
or your doctor first to determine which exercises are specifically most appropriate for you. The first exercise that I want to show you
is called the hip flexor stretch. Think about how often you spend a day with your hips flexed like when you are sitting. This exercise is something you can do pretty much anywhere and I’ll need Dan to help demonstrate. One of the functions of the hip muscles is
to help stabilize your leg when you walk, especially when you take a step and you stand on one leg momentarily. An exercise that can help with this is called the side lying clam. You can do this exercise in the comforts of your own home. While keeping the pelvis steady and the feet together slowly open up your knees, hold it there for one second and then return back
down. When you do this exercise, be sure to keep the pelvis steady and make sure it doesn’t roll back. I recommend starting out with three sets of 10 per day with this exercise. Doing this exercise helps strengthen the glute muscles, which are attached to your hip. Here’s another very helpful hip exercise,
again, which you can do in the comforts of your own home. They’re called bridges. First, start off by laying on your back, bend your knees to this point. Have your hands down on the bed or table. Next, contract your glutes and slowly raise your hips up. This creates a bridge underneath your body. Hold that there for a second and then lower yourself back down. I recommend starting out with three sets of 10 of these exercises per day. Strengthening these glutes helps you strengthen the muscles that extend your hip. The hip flexor stretch, the side lying clams
and the bridges are exercises that could help strengthen and support your hip as well as
improve flexibility and range of motion. They could also help you decrease hip pain.

92 thoughts on “3 Stretches to Reduce Hip Pain

  1. Thank you. I felt much better almost immediately. As I had previously dislocated my ankle I cannot use gym facilities yet, so finding exercises that work for me without putting much strain on my ankle is a godsend:)

  2. Omg I had a really bad cramp on my hip and I tried the exercises for the first time and it helped so well thank you so much like I love you 😢💗 it helped me alot

  3. When I do the 2nd exercise My hips start cramping. What might be wrong with my hips or am I just doing the exercise wrong? Pls and thank you!

  4. Have osteoporosis in my spine, and scoliosis. Hips are fine but have bursitis in right hip and taking arthritis meds. Hoping the second one will help.

  5. Thank you SO MUCH, I had a lot of pain in my left hip for years & these helped me especially the 2nd clam exercise!! I'm feeling a lot better just 1st time doing these!! Very Grateful!!

  6. Thank you! I feel a bit better already, with one set.

    Over 50, did too much lifting, bending, jogging, crouching today at work. Ended up with lower back pain, and the left side muscle kind of seized up.

  7. Thanks i hurt my hip at the first day of soccer tryouts I really need to get batter for the last day of tryouts

  8. I'm 13 year old rugby player I don't feel pain while doing first and third stretches but I do feel pain on second stretch what should I do?

  9. Oh shit I just did one set and I run slightly faster but it still hurts a little but not like the first time people do second stretch OMG I love you doctor I finally can run

  10. You might find this approach interesting,? It’s different. Works instantly.

  11. Would these be good for my past hip dyspracia? I’ve had it ever since I was a baby, it got worse and worse so I had to have another surgery a few years ago, I got 3 some nail type rods in my hip. I still get terrible pain and nothing really works. I’m also a swimmer, and I can’t do breaststroke kick(like an open movement of your legs) because it hurts so bad. (and I have a high pain tolerance, this is really the only thing that hurts me) any tips?

  12. Hello sir i have back pain only right side and full leg some time this pain ao high rande i cant nt walk

  13. Nice and helpful exercise.
    Hip Flexors : The key to Strength and Vitality
    The "Hidden Survival Muscle" In Your Body Missed By Modern Physicians That Keep Millions Of Men And Women Defeated By Pain, Frustrated With Belly Fat, And Struggling To Feel Energized Every Day…

  14. Hi! I helped move my daughter into her 3rd floor dorm 15 years ago. My hips have hurt because of that for years. It would come and go. When I’d start walking again, bursitis returned. Now I’m 60 and my bursitis is SCREAMING at me. I’ve gained weight and also tore my meniscus walking my new 100 lb lab. Can’t wait to try these. Been taking Aleve too long. Also starting Pilates next month! Will update later. Thank you!

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  16. Every step feel very painful for me start last night.just trying few minutes ago I felt so much better… will trying again until the pain gone away.thank you so much 🙏😊

  17. Hi sir,
    I have slipped disc problem in L5-S1 i have little back pain and so much of pain in groin area i cannot walk properly….
    Kindly help me… is this exercise will cure my groin area pain…

  18. Hi, I really appreciate your vi video. I have been getting hip anterior pain on my hip joint and today was bad. These made it go away for the time I did the bridge. I will heed your advice.

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  20. i have this horrible pint hat gets worse when i bend my leg to the side. like i feel like if i popped my hip it would go away but it hurts too much

  21. I’m 12 and my left femur joint gets stuck all the time and tomorrow is my ballet exam my mom was supposed to take me to a pediatrition a MONTH ago so I could get exercises to help it from getting stuck

    But guess who didn’t get and appointment my MOM

    I’m so mad cuz I can’t do 2 full exercises because of it ugh


  22. I was crying with the pain for 2 days and these exercises eased it to bear the pain for now, thank you for the short and simple video

  23. I definitely adore this back pain guideline, do a google search "Kenzαnο αyb". Generally, the position of my knees, hips and back is kept because of this. As I wake up early in the day, I don`t feel pain any longer. The condition of my knees has drastically enhanced since I began using this..

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  26. One day i just woke up and i could barely walk and then 3 days after i went down the stairs to get a drink and it took me 20 minuts to get back up them this pain is in the joint its at its worst when i wake up or when i go to sleep does anyone know whatbit could be i have had it for 4 days

  27. You saved me thanks… I did the second one cause i was already n bed n screaming in pain.. And boom this works 😍💜🔥🔥

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