January 23, 2020
3 Best Stretches for Knee Pain – Ask Doctor Jo

3 Best Stretches for Knee Pain – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody! It’s Dr. Jo. And since we all
know the Zombie Apocalypse is coming…I decided I would show you the top 3 knee stretches
so you can run away from those zombies. So let’s get going. There’s three main muscles
that attach to your knee and cross the knee. So I’m going to show you the 3 stretches to
stretch out each muscle. The first muscle group is going to be the hamstrings which
are underneath the leg. I’m going to have you straighten out your leg. Keep your knee
locked out if you can, and pull your toes towards you, so that’s going to help lock
out the knee, and keep your leg nice and straight. When you bend forward, you don’t want to curl
your back, because that’s not actually stretching your hamstrings. What you want to do is keep
your back nice and straight, and you’re just gonna bend at your hips and lean forward.
You’re gonna hold that there for about 30 seconds, and then you are going to do that
3 times on each side. If this one isn’t super comfortable for you, you can go check out
my hamstring stretching video that has a whole bunch of different ways to do it, but this
one is a pretty quick and easy way to stretch. The next muscle group is going to be your
calf muscles or the gastroc, and you can take a belt or a beach towel, long beach towel,
anything that’s tight. You don’t want it to give like the band, but you want it to be
nice and tight. You’re gonna put the belt right at the ball of your foot, and then you’re
going to pull it forward. Same kind of thing where you want to keep your knee straight.
If your knee is bending, your not quite getting that calf muscle stretch. So just relax your
ankle, and pull up towards you, and you are going to hold that for 30 seconds, and do
it 3 times on each side. Then for the last one, you want to stretch your quad muscle
up front. The best way to do that without a whole bunch of pressure on your knee, is
you can take that belt, and loop it around your ankle. Actually roll over onto your stomach.
You’re going to take the belt, relax your body, you can lie all the way down if you
want to, and just pull that belt up as much as you comfortably can to get that stretch
in your quad muscle. Same thing, you’re going to do that 3 different times for 30 seconds
each. So now your knees should be nice and loose and hopefully won’t be the last one
in the pack so the zombies won’t get your brains. If you want to check out some more
videos, knee stretches or hamstring stretches, you can go to askdoctorjo.com. If you have
any questions, you can leave them in the comments section. So have fun, be safe, don’t let those
zombie’s eat you, and I hope you feel better soon!

68 thoughts on “3 Best Stretches for Knee Pain – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. Thanks a bunch for the info! i started running last week and i had some discomfort ( apparently i wasn't stretching my legs enough; in particular my knees) i will try the stretches and see how that goes 😀
    again, thanks for the vid! 😀

  2. You should do a video on weapons to have for zombies. What are your top 5 weapons for the up coming zombie out breaks?

  3. Ha! Nice. I would follow in the footsteps of Daryl, my favorite character on The Walking Dead, and go with a cross bow. Silent and effective!!

  4. You might also want to check out my patellofemoral pain syndrome video. It also has some strengthening exercises!! Good luck!!

  5. Gentle stretching is the best, and I have an isometric strengthening video if you want to check that out. Those should not irritate the knee. Good luck!

  6. Brains, Brains! It's Halloween week. Let's start it off right with a video of my Top 3 Knee Stretches. They'll help you be nice and quick while running from all those zombies. BONUS: Zombie Doctor Jo makes a cameo appearance in this video! Can you find her?

  7. My knees are stiff. When I stand and I'm relaxed, my feet aren't even close to straight. When I straighten them as much as I can (therefore, not being relaxed), they're still not straight. What specific exercises should I try in order to fix this issue of mine? It's bothered me for years.

  8. Thank you Doctor Jo for sharing all your exercise videos. I injured my knees and the exercises on your website and YouTube channel were really helpful. It took me four months (mid Aug-Nov) of flexibility exercises, worked through the pain and gained the flexibility of my knees. It felt better for a week and then I stopped any form of exercise whatsoever. After three weeks, the joints of my knees and my ankles (I worked with a therapist July-Aug) came back, should I have continued with the exercises? Some days it feels like I over stretch my joints by mistake and my knees would hurt the next day. Any insights on how long should I keep doing my stretches/exercises even after my joints appear to work normally?

    Thanks for all your hard work and generosity, Doctor Jo! The Disclaimer Alert never fails to make me smile.

  9. Dr. i need your help. I cant straighten my knees and they are always bent, i look like an idiot when i walk, i have this problem for years now. Is there a way that i will be able to walk like other people? can u give me some exercises i would really appriciate your help. thank you

  10. Just watching your videos make me feel better Dr Jo!! You have the best socks!! Wish I could I send you a pair to be "feetured" in one of your instructional videos. Keep up the great work. My soreness does seem to be getting better. Much appreciated.

  11. Hi, dr joe my name is nicole and I'm dying and concerned about my knees, ever since I was working out for awhile I would say a month or so, my knees starting making a cracking noise when I would squat to get something and felt alittle pain as well when I brought myself back up and also when I walked stairs, and I'm only 29yrs, is there something I can do or what can I do to get rid of it, please help!

  12. My left knee started hurting , when i walk it hurts or when i stretch my knee it hurts and it cracks . please help me thank you.

  13. Doctor Jo, I had to write again. I can't express enough how thankful I am for your videos. Because of my own laziness and taking for granted that my ankles and knees were working fine, I stopped doing the 3x a week stretching, even though you recommended I continue doing them. I stopped for 2 months, as a result I felt my calf muscles weakened and it felt short. it affected my feet and legs. It gave me problems on the underside and outer part of my right foot. Anyway because I kept bearing weight on different joints without using my cane or crutches, I ended up injuring both feet (I'm not sure if it was plantar fasciitis, but it was the outer part of the the soles of my feet) and my left knee. (I was scraping and massaging the sole of my foot and it put stress on my knee).

    I went back to the exercises you recommended and added more from your other videos, and I listened to the details in the instructions you were giving, things I never learned from my physical therapist, like where to put the belt and such. It took 10-12 weeks to regain my ROM. I was pretty limited with my activities, and I couldn't bear weight on my knee and feet, but I'm glad I didn't have to rely on cortisol shots to heal them. It was grueling pain everyday, but I stuck with it. Presently, I've regained flexibility in my knees and ankles. I'm still working on strengthening my calves and legs, since I wasn't able to bear weight and strengthen my quads, hamstrings and calves when I did my stretches for 8 weeks. They still quiver when I walk or stand for long periods, but the point being is I could now walk without my crutches and I owe it all to your generosity and expertise. God bless you, Doctor Jo!

  14. Thanks for sharing your videos with the world, Dr. Jo 🙂 Your instructions are extremely easy to understand and follow, and your style and personality help make it all a little more pleasurable. And thank you also for thinking to suggest using a dog leash instead of a belt for these! I didn't have any belts or beach towels that were going to be long enough or work well, especially for the quad stretch while on my stomach. All too often, I just won't do fitness-type things simply because I don't have the "right" equipment, but I did have the 6' sturdy leash and it worked great!
    I'm 60, obese, and had been sedentary for 20 years until 1-1/2 years ago when I started walking my dog. During that time the OA that had apparently been brewing in my knees all those lazy years started causing lots of problems. I feel about 80, physically, unfortunately 🙁 But this morning I did these stretches before walking my dog, and they definitely helped alleviate a lot of discomfort and helped me walk further/longer. Tomorrow I'm going to add in the knee strengthening ones you have in a different video, but I'm not sure how – I don't have any books 😉

  15. Hi Dr. Joe, wonderful video as usual. Should these exercises be the first steps in the rehab of a strained knee?

  16. two days back When we were trying to bend the knee I developed pain below My knee on the left side, and it hurts! is it a part of the rehab? I have injury on the right leg. I want your help Dr..

  17. I had an acl surgery in 2015 in june and now i cant go to sleep my knee keeps hurting like if ive been walking all day when really i bearly do stuff and i cant seelp because of the pain and its only on the surgery knee can you please help me ?

  18. My pops sometimes and if it fails to pop I get a severe pain on the lateral side.and it makes me painful to walk..hope you can help me out

  19. I've finally been able to make an appointment with PT, but it isn't for 12 days. In the meantime, can you help me figure out which of your videos apply to me? Nothing interesting showed up on my x-rays but these are my symptoms: My knees crack and pop with every step I take (not just stair steps, walking too). I also have recently started developing dull-ache type pain and swelling/stiffness after walking for more than 1/2 a mile in the medial region of both knees. The pain there radiates toward my upper inner shin region. I'm slightly knock kneed. I'm 33. Any thoughts on which video would help me or what this might be? Thank you! <3

  20. Thank you so much for the exercises. I do a lot of hillwalking and meet many people with knee problems. My knee is getting better already after the exercises.

  21. This was very helpful for me because I run in track and in my family we all have bad knees and my brother did track (he was the best sprinter on the team) but he was only in track for a couple weeks before his knee blew out and my dad pulled something in his knee area so I was next in line my knee was starting to get worse and worse but than I came across this video and I was better in a week

  22. doctor jo.i used to run and squat daily 45 min..now i felt visceral like pain deep inside popliteus fossa actually i cant point out where it inside coming from..no local tenderness..only in left leg..i can walk and run easly but i cant complete full flexion during squat it hurts a lot. when i do this dorsiflexion strech it get releaved zero pain..thanks jo. but then again comes with in seconds after stop and redoing without this stretch.. what wrong with my knees..kindly advise me…waiting for your replay..

  23. This was great, I’ve been having issues with my knees recently. I thought it was tight muscles originally so I’ve been stretching a lot but it wasn’t really helping. So I tried your knee strengthening video and figured out that all that was easy then saw this. With these stretches I’ve realized how tight my hamstrings and calves are. Thank you!

  24. Hi Doctor Jo my knees are bad. When I walk up the stairs it sounds like there are crisp packets on my knees it crunches that much. Will doing these exercises help my knees to recover?

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