November 12, 2019
3 best juices for diabetes | Natural Health

3 best juices for diabetes | Natural Health

3 best juices for diabetes. The use of juices should be done very carefully
by those who have diabetes, as they usually contain very high levels of sugar, such as
orange juice or grape juice, for example. However, it is possible to opt for juices
with less sugar and accompany them with another low glycemic index food, such as a toast,
for example, to avoid the exaggerated increase of blood sugar levels. Three great examples of good juices for diabetes
are apple juice with pumpkin, yacon potato juice, and pear juice with grapefruit because
they have ingredients that help control glycaemia. 1. Apple juice with pumpkin. This recipe is excellent for diabetes because
it has low glycemic index due to its composition of seeds and other ingredients, such as ginger,
which control the rate of blood sugar. This juice can be taken daily in the snack
or at breakfast and should be ingested soon after its preparation, because it can oxidize
and alter the taste. Ingredients. 2 apples in shell;
1 cup lemon juice; mint leaves to taste;
1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds; 1 cup raw pumpkin;
1 cm ginger. Method of preparation. Beat all the ingredients in the blender and
take next, without sugaring. This home remedy besides being effective against
diabetes, is very nutritious because it has vitamins useful to strengthen the immune system,
reducing the risk of diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. 2. Potato yacon juice. Potato yacon is good for diabetes because
it contains fructooligosaccharides and inulin, substances that are not digested by the digestive
tract, having the same effect of the fibers. Therefore, they can be consumed by patients
with diabetes to help control glycaemia. This yacon potato juice can be consumed daily,
but the endocrinologist, or diabetologist, should have the knowledge that the patient
ingests this natural remedy. This is because food can influence glycaemia and the effectiveness
of diabetes remedies. Ingredients. 1 glass of mineral water or coconut;
5 to 6 cm of potato and with sliced ​​raw. Method of preparation. Beat the ingredients in the blender, strain
and drink the following. Potato yacon, in addition to helping control
diabetes, also helps you lose weight, increase satiety, contain fewer calories, and even
help control problems such as constipation. 3. Pear juice with grapefruit. Pear juice with grapefruit is another excellent
choice for anyone who has diabetes because it is high in potassium, causing a gradual
rise in blood sugar level. Ingredients. 2 pears;
1 grapefruit; 1 stick of cinnamon. Method of preparation. Beat the pears and grapefruit in the blender
and then add a cinnamon stick to improve the flavor if necessary.

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