December 8, 2019

192 Passion Points Versus Pain Points in Marketing

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2X Best-selling Author Speaker and Certified Executive Coach Debra
Kasowski hello everyone I’m your host Debra Kasowski and I have a very
special guest for you our guest today is Lisa Manyon Lisa is known as the
business marketing architect president of Write On Creative and pioneer of a three
simple value-based three-step challenge solution invitation framework to create
marketing messages with integrity and improve all communications her
methodology flips the script to focus on passion points and paint a picture of
possibility instead of poking at the pain points her philosophies are
featured in ink magazine and multiple number-one best-selling books including
wonder women how Western women will save the world recipient of the People’s
Choice Award at the California Women’s Conference Lisa has created training for
small business centers and is available for speaking and training engagements
she offers copywriting training programs done with you web coffee and strategy
creation content strategy plants one-to-one custom retain coaching
consulting accountability agreements with focus on four core foundations of
long-term business sustainability messaging and coffee planning strategy
branding an image and publicity PR her techniques are known to create a
million-dollar results triple client investment when implementing her
strategies just one sale you can learn more about
at wwm creative calm and specific questions via asked lisa section on her
blog let me know if you need anything else from this beautiful woman that we
had some technical difficulties but now we are on a roll yes we are in so
delighted to be here Debra thank you for having me
well I want to just start off tell us a little bit about your background and
what you into the field that you’re in absolutely well I have multiple decades
of experience in marketing advertising copywriting publicity you name it I’ve
kind of done it so I’ve worked for radio stations and advertising agencies and
I’ve always just had an absolute love for the written word so in 2003 I
decided to resign from the premier advertising agency that I was working
for and that’s when write on creative was born and I started really digging
into the online scene and learning a lot about direct response copywriting and
studying with really some of the very best people out there in the market and
so that’s how I got started I just had a passion to do things on my own terms and
decided to to do it very cool and now there’s no looking back
hello there is it and you know as you know running a business is not for the
faint of heart but I would not trade it for the world so speaking of that I want
you to kind of walk us through what were you thinking it’s and what was the
feeling when you actually resigned to that job well you know it was it was
time it was a really fast-paced environment which I loved on many many
levels and at the same time what I realized was I needed to create my own
opportunities in my own future because there was only so far that I could go so
I was a little bit nervous but I also was really excited because I knew I had
the experience and the know-how to set myself up for success by creating a
really solid foundation and something I will share with listeners because this
is a really important pieces I didn’t just drop everything and miraculously
snap my fingers and start the business I resigned I had an
compete at that agency for several years so I could have done a buyout and
started an agency but that’s not what I wanted to do so instead I took a
part-time job in a completely unrelated field and I built my business while
working a part-time position elsewhere so that I would have that followed
Foundation and one of the things that I often hear and I bootstrapped everything
by the way so I didn’t go out and get business funding I just used the
knowledge and skills that I had in the connections that I had to build built
that and one of the things that I liked it to share is you can do that but I
don’t ever recommend just dropping everything and not having some way to
support yourself while you’re moving forward unless you get major funding or
angel investor dollars or something like that and there’s a lot of people out
there that will tell you oh just jump you know and the net will be there and
sort of I think there’s some truth to that but you also have a real need to
have a really clear plan and strategy in place so what did you know you needed to
put in place what would you tell people if they were you know doing a side
hustle and sure so so I always look at anything that I do as as a long-term
sustainable venture and I think a lot of people don’t don’t put enough thought
into their planning and strategy so there are four core foundational pieces
that I have learned from working with you know thousands of businesses and
pretty much every industry you can imagine is you have to have a plan and
strategy in place that you absolutely need to know where you’re going you have
to have your branding and image in place so one of the things that people get
confused about often is what a brand is they think they’re just going to have a
logo designed and wallah they have a brand and that’s not true your brand is
actually the promise that you make to the world and it’s every single touch
that your business makes so it’s not only the visual images it’s your words
it’s everything else so going into that one of the other foundational pieces
that you must have in place is your copy a new messaging you have to be clear
about what you’re saying and that clarity is so so important and of course
in the copywriting arena that’s how I position myself really well by
pioneering the process that I teach and finally when you have those pieces in
place you’re ready to roll with publicity because you’ve got to get the
word out and publicity is golden when you were featured in the news or on the
covers of magazines or books or whatever it might be that just adds so much
credibility so if you’re in this for the long run and you’re not just hoping for
a quick fix or going after the low-hanging fruit as many people coach
you to do then those are the pieces you’ll want to have in place to move
forward and create long term business sustainability you know what when you
talked about the low-hanging fruit I just have to go there okay I want to say
you know people have told me you know don’t go for that low-hanging fruit and
I learned that the low-hanging fruit were not my customer and I got burnt
from you know pursuing that long hanging fruit I went to a meeting they said you
know what Deb great put together the information based on our conversation
you’ll have a contract the next meeting well I put together the whole
presentation I lost the presentation and stayed up
till like 3 o’clock in the morning making sure that I had it in place went
to the meeting one person showed up so I thought okay there’s something not right
here and she’s like well can any of your slides she’s like well I still have to
show it to someone else and I realized you know in that world that if the
decision and this was my error is knowing that the decision-maker wasn’t
in the room I thought the decision-maker was in the room and I had what we call
is the Seymour in the room to check things out and then they go to the
decision maker which really that low-hanging fruit I had approached them
on different occasions and now I know it’s like don’t even go there why am I
wasting my time so I don’t hear what you have about low-hanging fruits
oh absolutely so oftentimes you know in the coaching and consulting arena people
will say well if you need to make money to start going after the low-hanging
fruit and sometimes those are just that means you’re creating an offer that
isn’t even really in the full alignment with your values and what you
want to do but you can make some quick money on it and the other thing about
that is you know it doesn’t create long term sustainability and certainly I
understand people are in a cash crunch but I believe that it’s more important
to have solid offerings that you can fill in the blanks with so for example
if I’m not doing you know totally booked up with my one-to-one coaching and
consulting clients and working on big jobs I’ll take a small copywriting job
on occasion to make some extra cash but that makes sense and that’s not really
low-hanging fruit that’s just a segment of what I already do that makes sense
and isn’t compromising my values or the value that I deliver and so when you’re
being coached by people and they’re telling you just go for the low-hanging
fruit I often tell people well I always tell
people to flip the script but I often say with the funnel you know instead of
leading people in with it with a load all or item why not just go and close a
larger deal it takes the same amount of time and when you get in front of the
decision-maker like you mentioned then that’s exactly where you need to be now
I actually have a huge heart and a very service base so I do have offerings that
meet people where they are so I have some self-study courses that are a
lesser investment than working with me one-on-one but those are needs that
those aren’t really low-hanging fruit either they’re foundational pieces to
get people to where they can actually then invest in larger packages if they
want to so there’s some really distinct differences between just creating some
some low-hanging fruit or thinking that you have to go and pitch the wrong
people right and we all learn it’s it’s a lesson that I think every single one
of us have stories like you just shared and I’ve had people who are really
interested and seeing my information as well and wanting to use that as a
guideline and I’ve had people teaching my methodology and trying to claim it as
their own and it’s very interesting to me I just
I believe there’s more than enough to go around and at the same time it’s kind of
it’s kind of sad when people can’t own their own brilliance and step into that
because we all have magic inside of us yeah and you know and I think
that denial about knowing that you have that magic that you need to and I know
maybe they can get that and rinse and repeat if it’s something’s working
there’s a way to spin it that it’s your all yes exactly and I think that’s
another really good point because so many people say well I don’t think I’m
gonna start a business because everyone’s already doing that or
multiple people are talking on this subject and I’m here to tell you that
you have a unique spin each of us has something unique and special to bring to
the world and you just have to take some time to cultivate that and find it and
also don’t just blindly follow gurus question everything and check in with
your own values and what’s going to work for you because that’s what it’s really
all about and not all gurus are actually walking their talk so that’s another
topic that is really important to be aware of and it’s both know thyself
right those core values are so so important and you know if you’re not
clear on what those core values are or just look around where you live your
life those core values should be evident and I think where people struggle the
most is saying they make decisions and make choices based on not their core
value then we’re looking at as the opportunity or the chance to get ahead
and then it puts them out of alignment and then they struggle it’s so true and
what I find you know in the work that I do with helping people get absolute
clarity on their messaging so they can get out into the world in a much bigger
way is there’s a huge disconnect often between our our personal values and our
business values and that’s one of the things that I help my clients do is
bring that all back together so sometimes people haven’t even really sat
down and done a value of exercise to really identify that and give it the
energy and space it needs to create a clear really a clear guide post for
moving forward and some people simply just haven’t reviewed them for a while
and that’s all so well that can be detrimental because we grow and evolve
and as we grow and evolve our values will change and expand our client base
will change and expand so we have to evolve as well and make sure that we’re
either a step ahead or meeting people where they are and that everything’s
still in alignment so one of the biggest kind of aha moments that people have is
and they realize oh my gosh I’ve really segmented this business piece off into
its own little compartment and not really putting my heart and soul into it
and I remind them listen business is actually personal and you need to get
enjoyment out of it you need to get satisfaction out of it and your values
equal value that really amplifies what you’re bringing to the marketplace so
without being clear and having all of that in alignment there’s a huge
energetic disconnect and often times when people just kind of do that to make
that small shift and get back into alignment then they see opportunities
open up and flow for them and then they have more enjoying the work that they do
because that’s why they went into it in the first right so what do you mean by
when you think that traditional copywriting and marketing formulas
they’re not working oh yeah this I love this so after I resigned from the ad
agency and started studying with the top copywriters out there I kind of was
suffering from a little bit of that like Who am I to question what’s going on
syndrome when I was seeing everybody poking at these pain points and you know
what are the pain points and you know I almost know then you gotta poke at him
and agitate him and so they were teaching this problem agitate and solve
approach where certainly it’s important that we know what the problem is I’m not
denying that but the approach is you figure out those pain points aren’t you
kind of poke out on and you know make people uncomfortable get them into a
heightened emotional frenzy so that you can kind of swoop in like the big hero
and make the fail and that just felt so off to me and then I was thinking at the
same time because I’m starting out in this arena was pretty new and I was
thinking even though I had tons of experience in other parts of you know
marketing and advertising this whole direct response and copywriting piece
was a little different to me and so I kind of thought I was I was quiet about
it for a long time Deborah and I was questioning myself and I’m wondering why
isn’t anyone else saying that this is just totally wrong that we don’t have to
do that but people actually want to be acknowledged and they really would would
be more apt to purchase if you painted a picture
of possibility about what life could be like instead of telling them how
horrible their life is or reminding them that they might need to lose ten pounds
or whatever that might be as far as the poking at the pain point so not only did
i watch that and observe it on my own but then i had hundreds upon hundreds of
clients coming my way and saying we Fest we’re stuck we just spent thousands of
dollars on a copywriter or a marketing guru or what are a sales coach whatever
it might be and we have all the pain points on our website or a brochure or
whatever it might be but nobody’s buying so I have to back them up and teach them
to unlearn what they’ve been taught tap back into their values and ask a simple
question you know what what formula are you using as a foundation to create your
messaging and it was always the problem agitating fault and I would ask how does
it feel to you when someone pokes at your pain points when was the last time
that someone really fucked at your pain points and you decide gee I really want
to do some business with this person so it’s a psychological of manipulation and
a lot of people use neuro linguistic programming in inauthentic and
disingenuous way is to mean to manipulate the sale and what also
happens in that container is that it perpetuates return rates and buyer’s
remorse so it’s not building a foundation for long-term sustainability
in creating the messages so kind of in a nutshell which wasn’t a very short that
show but that’s that’s what I learned as continue to learn and it’s interesting I
had a person say well there’s scientific studies that show that you know 80% of
the population will move away from pain only 20% will move towards their
pleasure of passion or what they want to happen
I said that’s totally fine I’d rather work with the 20% that are tapped in and
enlightened and ready to roll that are playing the games so that’s that’s where
I come from so in my work with emotional intelligence Lisa what it reminds me of
is you know when people are in a high state of emotion whether it be positive
more negative that’s where they’re drunk driving you know they say don’t make big
decisions when you’re totally elated or you’re totally you know in that fight
slight response rate that negativity right those pain points those pain
points are that high-end but we know that that’s how marketing works you need
to because people buy based on emotion and how much better would it be for them
to start seeing the dream start seeing the vision start seeing where they want
to walk to yet research shows that if you have create that vivid vision that
you can walk toward it right and I think um also a lot of what’s built into your
pleasure points is some of the work that I do with appreciative inquiry are using
a an appreciative inquiry approach to help people discovering dream of the
possibilities creating the destiny of where you’re going that destination and
I really love that yeah thanks so much so that’s actually how I landed on you
know burning what wasn’t working for people and how they were really you know
disconnected and realizing that when they had a website full of pain points
that people just weren’t buying and I thought you know I just need to break
this down and simplify it for people and I explained look if you can talk you can
write certainly there there are tips and techniques that professional copywriters
use and I teach some of those as well but the basics are get get back to the
level of just having a conversation with who you’re meant to serve and be really
clear about that and also you don’t have to pay you don’t have to poke at the
pain points so what I do certainly we want to know what they are because we
want to meet people where where they are with empathy and understanding so we
what I how I flip the script in my whole framework is to challenge solution an
invitation framework so we acknowledge that challenge with empathy and
understanding we know where people are and they’re like oh cool this is great
this person understands me so instead of making a person feel really horrible
about themselves just acknowledge hey I know where you
are and then you can roll into the solution peace which is how you can
solve that problem for them or address that challenge and you share what it is
that you have to offer but within this solution piece this is where you get to
paint your possibility and you also need to
provide some social proof so some results on how you have flipped the
script or gotten results or whatever it is help people make more money whatever
you’re doing in your business so that you’re in this solution piece sharing
not only who you are what you do how you’ve helped others and seeing that fix
your possibility about what life would look like they did business with you so
in that second step you basically just equip people with the information they
need to make an educated buying decision and then you can naturally in gracefully
roll in to the invitation piece and say does that sound good to you let’s take
that next step whatever that next step might be for you so it works in
conversations it works on your website instead of a giant Buy Now button you
can just say you know schedule your appointment today you could be a little
softer and treat it like the relationship that it really is because
marketing advertising and sales are all truly about relationships and building
those relationships and I think that’s one of the things like the pain points
takes people away from it comes on a place of making conversations
transactional doing business transactional versus the relationship
marketing yes because you want people to refer you to them if they have that
buyer’s remorse you’re not going to get referrals you know that word of mouth is
so so powerful when you think of strong copy what needs to be in a strong coffee
to be really effective I know we talked about you know look painting the picture
book do you not yeah I mean you just have to be super aware of who it is that
you’re speaking to and make sure that you’re really clear on those results
that you want to share and there’s something something that I think is
really interesting that will be helpful to people listening is that there’s an
old advertising adage that says copy is king and I actually believe that copy is
Queen and strategy is king so they’re the feminine and masculine energy of
marketing right and that’s how you bring it all together
by being really clear and nurturing in your message and having a strong
strategy to get to that message so not only do you have to
be super clear about who you’re speaking to and the results that you deliver
because people are missing out on showcasing those results and just
because you say hey I mean I can just say hey I’m a copywriter and people will
be well fantastic so what or I could say I’m a copywriter and a strategist and I
help my clients you know more than triple their investment with me in one
sale when they implement my strategies and people like oh well that makes sense
I probably hire you instead of someone who just says I’m a copywriter so we
want to be really clear and we want to really just be creating an easy pathway
to say yes what would be for someone maybe just starting or wanting to take
their business to the next level what do you think needs to be added for
credibility especially when it comes to putting together testimonials
well results are always good I mean and you should have you should have them for
every single offering that you have out there so for example you know my content
strategy plans I helped one client map out her 90-day plan actually we did six
months for her I had to think about that I’m now doing 90-day plans because
things moved so rapidly we work to just really look at all of her revenue
streams where she wanted to go what she needed to let go of and then where she
wanted to be and within six months she was already doing you know multiple six
figures but within six months she broke a million and that was her goal so
that’s a really positive example now that can also scare people because well
I’m not ready to you know break a million or do those to do that that’s
okay it still shows what’s possible and so results like that are great but
sometimes people are in the transformation business right and so the
transformation is not as tangible as far as dollars and cents so you’ll want to
be able to explain you know what your methodology or your offerings do to help
facilitate that transformation so for example when I teach my challenge
solution and invitation framework and empower people to flip that script and
focus on passion points instead of pain points I have had clients say to me in
20 minutes you removed a block that I had against marketing and advertising
for decades because I didn’t want to focus
so they were stuck and could move forward with that old framework or
methodology and when I said we don’t have to do that and not only that the
person in this instance had a really magical children’s bookstore so there
were no pain points that was about you know you know wonder and curiosity and
empowering children to become more interested in reading and that’s you
know forget pain points in that instance so hearing about transformation happened
just really of course you know really lit me up because that’s what I’m all
about I want people to understand that you can create your message on your
terms you can paint a picture of possibility with passion points you
don’t have to do any of the stuff that doesn’t feel right to you because when
you’re doing that you’re going to create that energetic disconnect and it’s going
to impact your bottom line you know people often just freeze up and there’s
something about writing that makes people nervous when they’re not natural
writers and so I always say if you can talk you can write so I suggest
sometimes for people who who aren’t able to get that message out when they try
typing or writing to speak it and then transcribe it because it’s so much
easier is if we’re having a conversation with a person then feeling like it’s a
task or it’s it you know something you have to get done so that’s some of my
best advice and break it down into chunks give yourself time to just pop
your ideas into a document write for a little while and stop and then go back
in massage it absolutely so some of your philosophies have really taken like
created some wildfire I know a spire magazine Dare magazine magazine you know
interview a lot of attention can you tell us a little bit more about how this
all got started of you getting featured I can so you know we talked about the
four foundations and other than being publicity thesis that was all about
publicity and I’m going to share another really golden gem with everyone you have
to name it and claim it and here’s what I mean by that I was intuitively
using my challenge solution and invitation framework to help people get
better results for a very long time and then I was asked to write an article
about this first buyer magazine and they featured me on the cover and that was
you know a real honor but I had to sit down and think about you know what am I
actually doing and put a framework to what I’ve been doing naturally and
that’s when I named the challenge solution and invitation framework so it
hit in that magazine and of course kind of like you said it kind of spreads like
wildfire in a good way people started learning about it and
saying oh my gosh this lady knows what she’s talking about this is really cool
so once I named it it really took on a life of its own and that’s when I was
approached by Inc magazine that was interviewed by one of their writers and
featured there and then multiple other magazines and I think now my
philosophies are featured in about seven number one best-selling books I’m
working on my own right now but it’s really an honor to have people reach out
and say you’re really onto something can we feature this in our book you know and
that’s that’s what it’s all about that’s when you know what you’re doing is in
full alignment and it begins to happen organically
so I didn’t hire a big PR firm of course I know how to do that myself anyway but
this all happened very organically and it’s all of them when you’re in
alignment everything tends to flow and opportunities not just possibilities
start coming your way yes very true it’s very true and again just the energy of
naming it because oftentimes when we are in our magic we’re just doing it we
don’t even realize because it comes so naturally so really it was a it was a
golden gem to name that because once it was named and people could wrap their
mind around that framework and say oh gosh I see what what I’ve been doing
I’ve been taught to do this problem agitate and solve thing which is totally
not in alignment with my values or where I’m going with my business and I can
just flip the script and use the challenge solution and invitation
framework and meet people where they are showcase my talents and solutions with
grace and ease and then extend a super friendly easy invitation to go to the
next step and get more business beautiful beautiful so for people who
are coaches speakers entrepreneur’s how important is you know
naming a framework so they know what gave you opportunities but declaiming
some of that intellectual property you know that is an important thing so
intellectual property can be sticky we talked a little bit before about people
trying to mirror what you’re doing and so definitely you want to own your own
that make sure that your copywriting everything that you do and then when you
also like your business name for example you’ll want to make sure that that’s
trademarked to protect that intellectual property because certainly there are
people now that are claiming they’ve been teaching what I’ve been teaching
for a long time we’re mirroring that and that’s fine because what I have to
realize is let go of my ego and know that this is coming through me and it’s
meant to change the world it’s meant to absolutely shift the trajectory of
marketing advertising and copywriting so for me to be really delighted that
that’s happening but also be really firm and owning that you know the
intellectual property around that whole body of work because that is where you
can protect yourself business-wise when people actually do copy your content
word for word or try to try to take it and unfortunately some people do that so
I always recommend having a really awesome legal team on hand to confer
with and make sure that you’re protected in all areas because once you do name it
and claim it if we’re going to get a lot more whatever it is that you’re doing
that’s going to get a lot more exposure and you’ll want to make sure that you’re
protecting those intellectual assets especially if you ever want to sell at
some time because another piece of long-term business sustainability is
creating an exit plan at some point you might want to retire and sell your whole
business and so having things copy written and also trademarked and by the
way when I say copy written I’m not talking about writing your content it’s
through the copyright and Trademark the governmental entity that handles all
of that so there are two different things there’s copywriting and then
there’s which means you’re writing the content and then there’s having
something copy written which is the copyright which is copy righ T
copywriting something and then copyright is actually copy and writing WRI T ing
so I share that because some people get really confused about that and many many
years ago when my business was still based in Idaho I placed an ad in Yellow
Pages way back in the day when those were still a pretty big thing and they
can work but whomever was doing the proofreading decided to change what my
business did from copywriting as in writing the copy to doing like the
copyright and securing the rights of the content which is not at all what I did
but I did learn something interesting yellow pages still were working very
well because people were calling me for the service that I had nothing to do
with and I you know would just I would send them to the United States at
trademark and patent office and they could look into copywriting there but
anyway just a little aside oh and I think it’s really important that people
get up knowing who needs to be on their team when it comes to growing a business
you know in the beginning I think we all know you feel like the Lone Ranger and
you’re doing everything by yourself right
not a bad thing because you learn when you do end up delegating that work that
you learn when things aren’t working it’s so true it is so true and you know
that’s one of the things that I would also say as far as you know creating
long term business successes to definitely align yourself with the right
team even if it’s just getting a part-time assistant to help you so that
you’re in your zone of genius making the magic that you’re meant to make and
getting that support that you need yeah exactly so I want to know what are the
top three books that have influenced your life oh gosh that’s a great
question so the four agreements hands down my number one favorite loves our
agreement pardon what’s that well which one of the four
agreements stands up for you the most oh gosh
I love them all and it kind of depends on the day but I think always do your
best is a good reminder because we can all be so self-critical at times and so
I think that’s very important but I read that book and reread it multiple times
and always get something new out of it and I just started listening to it on
audible as well so I love that and the other one that I love is the big leap
again I’ve talked a little bit about being in your zone of genius and that
really is an important book especially as we’re up leveling and evolving as
entrepreneurs and business owners because we always hit these places where
it feels a little wonky and stretchy and that’s when we know we’re getting ready
to break through into something really big and we it’s important to lift
yourself up and really be supported in that as well and to have like-minded you
know either business coaches or accountability partners or whatever it
might be to help you through that as well because most of us have have had
those meltdowns before we level up and so that one was really really good and
then let’s see Oh totally purple cow loved purple cow and anything by staff
is just magic very very cool before agreement I
haven’t read the Purple Cow and the big leap so I’m going to put those on my
reading list but The Four Agreements by far is one of my top top books and the
agreement that stands up for me is the one about not taking anything personally
whether it be positive or negative that’s still someone else’s viewpoint
and I tell you that agreement has been phenomenal bad cooking time yeah I go
back to that book I go to the consignment stores or they use no thrift
shops and I will pick up any Four Agreements book and bring it home
because I know I’ll be having a conversation with someone saying you
need to read this right and I also they have a mini Four Agreements book that
I’ve ordered for gifts for people and I also have the card deck that’s how much
I love it so I just like can pull a card out I have to get that and now I need to
look into the degrees I know I have that but I haven’t read it yet so it’s of
course I one of my passions of course are books and so I have a ton of books
that I haven’t read yet and also I subscribe to audible so I’m sort of on a
book moratorium to try and get caught up on the stacks that I
I know but it’s so hard because they’re so good and I just love it I mean I love
listening audible because I can walk in nature and listen and you know
multi-task in that way which is beautiful but there’s something about
holding the book in your hand and just really you know digging in to so I can
totally relate absolutely so one of the other things I
wanted to ask you know everybody has this way you know we hear about morning
routines we hear about people talking about how they structure your their date
what is one key component that you feel has contributed to your success
well meditation is big and for me meditation can actually just be everyday
things but it’s just being really mindful and tapping in directly to
source whatever you want to call that God the universe totally up to you
doesn’t matter to me and I don’t think that God is discriminating in that way
when you tap in directly and ask for guidance that’s been the biggest thing
for me and what I realized is that that health is always there for us when we
ask and listen and we just have to remember to ask and listen and that’s
kind of what am I not only is it something that I know amplifies my
success it’s something I have to remind myself of all the time because we often
think we have to do everything alone and we don’t yeah and I know you mentioned
earlier you know you kind of have a meltdown before you up level what do you
do because it was funny I was starting with a friend yesterday and I was he was
giving me these pointers for my website because I’m going through a little bit
of a redesign and I he just looked at me he goes you know I’m just wanting to
push you and I said yeah but I feel like I’m ripping things apart and starting
like from the very beginning and he’s like no you’re not you’re up heavily so
I’m curious what do you use when you get into that place of meltdown to recognize
that you’re up leveling and shifting yourself to a different direction
because I know that our list and our viewers they might be in a
middle of a challenge and not sure where to go I would love to hear your
perspective corner well that’s you know I think it’s it’s a challenge for all of
us when that’s happening and it’s taken me some time to figure out when that’s
going on because there’s a natural default in us when things get a little
stretchy and scary and are getting ready to change to self-sabotage actually and
and this is talked about a little bit in the big leap as well so I think you
really enjoy it so for me I just have to really tap into how I’m feeling and be
aware of my body which isn’t always easy either because we’re so busy at
on-the-go taking that time to tap in is a challenge so when I start feeling that
really wonky energy and I’m not sure what’s going on I take some time to
journal to meditate to really ask okay what’s really going on here with me
because it’s it’s fear we begin we because get scared you know when things
are going to change and I’m going through a lot about myself right now so
it’s a perfect question because not only am i evolving a bunch of things in my
write on creative business I also went through a really personal and healing
journey where I focused on healing cancer with love and on the other side
of that and doing really really well but I’ve been given yet another divinely
guided charge to write a book about healing yourself with love and so that I
feel even though I went through all of this I feel very ill equipped to do that
even though I get I’ve done it I’ve been there and I can share and help a lot of
people I’m in that stretchy place and and also I’m going to have to do things
very differently because the way that I build what’s coming next isn’t going to
look anything like everything that I’ve done through write on creative so not
only do we need to be self aware we need to surround ourselves with the right
people the right coaches the right friends the right peers right Mentors
and you know I belong to a local group here that’s just a peer group from all
types of entrepreneurs from starting out to really see is into all different
industries and I think it’s important to learn from those who are not in our same
industry as well because we’ll get all kinds of sparks ovens
thank you so much for that cuz I I know I’m Marshall Goldsmith he has a book
that says what got you here won’t get you there right I think we need to
remember that because I’m like you know it’s like probably the third revamp in
my career which isn’t a bad things are that face has to change and I was like
oh yes it’s like you know you think of awesome business work and you know you
need to do it right yeah and this happens all the time I mean one of the
things that I do with clients you mentioned your website is I I do
something called a Mannion marketing web makeover and it’s perfect for people who
are getting ready to uplevel and they’re just a little stuff because they’re like
okay what do I do next because you’ve got it all dialed in right and every
time we revamp our site oh my gosh that takes forever it’s no small
undertaking oh it’s not it’s no no it takes upon them to ever ever imagine and
seriously even though I hope other people do it I’m working on that with my
own and it’s a challenge but it’s so important to get that fresh perspective
and have someone look at your overall strategy and your individual page
strategy especially if you’ve got the right guide and mentor who has that
intuitive vision and can see where you’re going which is one of my gifts
and I you know your friends saying that he wanted to push you I get that because
sometimes when clients come to me whether we’re working on their you know
their web copy and messaging or you know a Mannion marketing web makeover or
whatever it might be just mapping out their strategy I can see super clearly
where they’re going and they’re just getting ready to skyrocket and up level
and it scares them sometimes I have someone you know I listen really
intently when I have my sessions to capture the messaging and help you know
dial that in for people and I’ve had people when they see the vision get
really scared by it and have to table it for a while and come back to it and say
you know what you were right I was just scared and it’s it’s kind of a fine
dance to do because you want to help people right where they are but when you
see they’re just getting ready to do that up level and get to that place
where they’re going to eat help even more people got to give them a little
nudge yeah and it’s very very exciting very exciting at the same time because
you have glimpses of the next coming events right
yes so alisa we’re almost out here at the end of the interview I would love
for you to share how people can stay in touch with you connect with you maybe do
some work with you it would be wonderful for you just and leave us with some
final words of advice sure well first of all I would love
everyone to become a member of the right on creative community if you’re
interested in learning how to flip the script and focus on passion points you
can do that by visiting right on creative calm which is wri te o n CR EA
TI ve calm you can grab your free copy writing action plans there and if you
think you already got that dialed in and you just want to have a conversation and
do some work together send a message to my team
just say hey I heard Lisa on Deborah’s show and send an email to support at
write on creative calm and you’ll get expedited into the queue to have a
conversation with me my final words of advice are just be true to you seriously
own your magic and get out there and share it because the world’s waiting and
if you’re feeling stretchy it just means you’re getting ready to uplevel so make
sure you get support to do that time to skyrocket yes I like it thank you very
much Lisa I was a pleasure having you on the show
I know we’ll have you featured back as a guest especially with that new book
that’s going to be coming out that you are now birthing that book totally is
birthing yeah and it does some shifts you shifts the way you think about
things and um a mutual friend of ours actually Karen role I’m having her on
the show here very soon to talk about that process oh she’s wonderful she’s so
wonderful that’ll be great I can’t wait to hear her yeah it will be amazing
just like the interview we just did with you folks you need to stay in touch with
Lisa Mannion she is a phenomenal gifted intuitive copywriter has amazing
perspective of how to take you to the next level so please go on over to her
community sign up learn more about how you can focus on painting that picture
of possibility you don’t need to agitate to get attention
so again thank you for coming over to the show we really appreciate when you
come to the million arrow and show we would love you to subscribe go over
write a review give us a 5-star high-five share this with your
colleagues and friends so that we can help people get to the next level
because really it is about living rich from the inside out but you need the
fundamentals in place in order to get there and also go over to my website at
Deborah kozelka calm that’s de pra Kas OWS ki calm and as Muhammad are they
said being a change you wish to see in the world and my message from Lisa and
myself is to go out and have a great day take care everyone you

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