November 19, 2019
101. FREE how to video: EFT tapping for pain removal and good luck

101. FREE how to video: EFT tapping for pain removal and good luck

hi there it is Saturday November 2nd I’m
Yvonne Decelis coming to you on YDCtv; I know it’s been a while since I put a
video up and I apologize for that I’ve been having really bad pains this week
don’t know what the deal is it might be the change in season and also while I’m
thinking about it don’t forget tomorrow to do the whole auerbach thing we’re
losing daylight savings time tomorrow so we’re going to lose an hour or actually
gain an hour of sleep for a while and then we’ll do it all over again in a few
more months this whole our back our forward thing I don’t know about you
drives me nuts but anyway I just got back from the gym because I find that
when I’m in a lot of pain exercise actually really helps me because if I
get really stiff I know I just need to move around and I’ve had a lot of
problems this week so if you’re in the same boat as me I’m very sorry
I learned a new tapping technique which actually isn’t tapping at all so I’m
going to make today’s video all about EFT tapping and again EFT stands for
emotional freedom technique at least that’s what I learned from Nick Ortner
and the tapping school so I’m just going to show you some tapping points and then
I’ll talk about what we can do for removing body pain tapping is really
excellent for getting rid of pain it’s also really good for removing stress
I’ve been asked if it can help with memory improvement I would say probably
not on that one if you want something that will help you with concentration in
memory I would recommend something like tai chi if you want to learn an exercise
that can actually improve concentration and memory but if you’re looking for
something to help you with stress or panic and also something that can
actually help with pain tapping is really good so before I get started with
the tapping I’m just gonna mention a word up breathing Reiki breathing any
kind of breathing meditate meditative breathing the best thing to do if you
can is breathe in through the nose breathe out through the mouth and also
have your tongue touch the roof of your mouth when you’re exhaling it’s a good
idea to have the tongue touching the roof of the mouth that can help with
distressing it can also keep you from getting dehydrated or dry mouth I should
say and it also makes you really focus on what you’re doing it makes you focus
on breathing so I I read in a book called Things Fall
Apart I can’t remember the name of the author
she’s amazing though she was writing about a Buddhist monk and he compared
concentrating on breathing to standing in a party holding a spoon of juice and
trying not to let the juice spill cuz he said I know it’s distracting but it’s
distracting for a reason it’s to keep you focused on your breathing so that
your mind doesn’t go crazy thinking about all sorts of other thoughts so
that’s the reason for the breathing technique now the different tapping
points that I’m gonna go over when I said before that there was a tapping
that wasn’t actually tapping I actually learned this one a few days ago I looked
this up on YouTube because I wanted to find something to help stop the pain it
didn’t actually stop it but I’ve bought the level way down the guy that showed
this video if I can find the video I’ll put a link to it at the end but what he
had asked was what what would your level of pain be right now if you had to rate
it on a scale of one to ten and at the time my pain level was at about a seven
or an eight so one of the things that he recommended doing that I’ve never heard
before but I found very helpful is he said just take your fingers your five
your these four fingers and your thumb and just kind of make like a pinching
motion just think of this as like a beak so one hand doing that and then take
your other hand and just grab your fingers and squeeze a little bit and he
made that part of the tapping routine and I actually do find this helpful he
said you can do it with this hand and he said then just do it with the other make
the duck motion and just squeeze the tips of the fingers don’t squeeze super
hard but just a little squeeze and he added that inside the tapping and I
actually do find this helpful in addition to the tap and again the
tapping points and I’m sorry I keep saying again if you’ve never been to my
channel before I’m sure that means nothing to you sorry but for everyone
else who knows my channel my subscribers you’ve heard me talk about tapping
before so I’m gonna just go over the tapping points there’s the k24 the seven
points which I’m going to try not to tap too hard cuz my microphones right here
but to get to your K 27 points what you want to do is trace your collarbone from
the back go to the front where the points almost meet and then just drop
your fingers down and out a little bit and just feel around
right underneath the collarbone you will probably find two little soft spots most
people have soft spots right at the base of the collarbone those are the spots
that should be tapped you can tap them with your index finger index finger your
middle finger whatever feels right to you you can oh sorry site bonk the
microphone by the way you can also do the three finger plug with the index
finger the middle finger and the thumb so you can do the tapping I’m trying not
to tap because I don’t want to make the noise over here but k-27 points the chin
under your lower lip the skin between your upper lip and your nose your cheek
bones sides of the eyes how hard you tap these points is really up to you I tap
pretty hard when I do it but it’s not necessary to tap really really hard you
just want to tap enough so that it can be considerate and invigorating tap so
you can do the sides of the eyebrows either the outside or the inside you can
do both sides at the same time if you want or you can just do one side and
then top of the head very top the head also underneath the arm underneath the
shoulder right underneath the armpit and then this was a good one to the karate
chop all of these fingers just one finger whatever feels comfortable to you
so I’m just do the karate chop on the other hand and now I don’t usually do my
affirmations out loud but I did for this because that’s what this guy was doing
on his video he had some really nice music playing in the background and he
started tapping different points and this is just an example of the sorts of
affirmations you could do to try to get that pain level down so just as I’m
going to just do what he had me do when I watched the video originally I’m not
going to go as long as I did when I actually watched the video in the
interest of time but you want to just tap these different points and as you’re
tapping give yourself either outloud affirmations or just what’s most
important is your intention so if you’re saying one thing and you’re thinking
something else it’s gonna confuse things you want to
make sure your intention and what you’re saying either allowed or not allowed
match I’m going to just go with the sorts of things he had me saying to get
that pain level down I know I have this really bad back pain but I know I’m not
to blame and I also don’t blame my back for the pain because I know it’s not my
fault and it’s not my backs fault so I don’t hate my back I love my back and I
know I’m going to be okay we’re going to be fine we’re gonna be just fine
I’m gonna go back to the top of the head everything’s gonna be fine I’m sorry if
I did anything to make the pain worse but I am definitely ready to not be in
pain I’m ready to feel normal I’m ready to not be hurting I’m just
waiting patiently for that pain to go away I know that pain is gonna stop it’s
gonna go away on its own I’m gonna wake up tomorrow and I’m gonna feel great I’m
gonna feel alert I’m gonna be pain free I’m actually human if pain-free by the
time I stop this session or at least bring my pain down to a tolerable level
the pain is gonna go away I forgive myself I love myself and I’m sorry for
anything I’ve done that’s made the pain bad so those are the sorts of things you
want to be saying basically just picture what you want what what is it that you
want what feeling do you want to be experiencing if you haven’t gotten to a
point in your life where you feel really good I apologize but try to remember how
you felt the last time you felt good and try to picture that try to picture that
and put yourself into that as you’re giving yourself the affirmations you
could also do this for money I’ve heard people on YouTube do this to make money
I cannot guarantee you that it’s gonna work I can guarantee you that I’ve been
trying and if I’m ever able to do it successfully I promise you I’ll put a
video up I have heard people doing this saying
things like I know I’m poor but I know that money is going to be showing up in
my bank account and I am deserving ready willing and able to see that when he
show up in my account unexpected amounts a nice load of money is just gonna show
up in my bank account and I know it’s gonna happen soon
and I am ready willing and able to have that money under the arms hands and then
one less time I want to do this one again just because this is new to me the
duck hand squeezing the fingers just use the fingers a couple times that’s a good
one too and again you can do your affirmations aloud or you can keep them
to yourself internally that is totally up to you and as far as which taps are
the best whatever feels right to you if you’re doing any of these things and it
feels forced and it doesn’t feel natural it just means it probably isn’t for you
so anyway that isn’t it’s happening for now as always namaste
thank you so much for your time peace and light I will be back in a few more
days with some new energy healing thank you so much for coming to visit my
channel I really appreciate you taking the time to come out here take care of
yourself I’ll see you again soon be well Cheers

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