September 19, 2019
又到了瓜果蔬菜怎么吃都吃不完的季节,脑壳疼呐 | Liziqi Channel

又到了瓜果蔬菜怎么吃都吃不完的季节,脑壳疼呐 | Liziqi Channel

Grandmum I picked some ‘Di Guo” (Ficus tikoua Bur.) back Is it tasty? Yummz… Sun-dry Lily bulb, goji berries Salted egg yolk pumpkin Lily bulb steamed pumpkin Rice soup Pumpkin braised rice Pumpkin walnut milk Steamed pumpkin buns Flint corn Boiled peanuts LiZiQi brand Pearl Barley Red Bean Powder (Beside: Lotus/Osmanthus/Nuts powder)

100 thoughts on “又到了瓜果蔬菜怎么吃都吃不完的季节,脑壳疼呐 | Liziqi Channel

  1. Que bonito se be el paisaje ,la musica es relajante y como cosina tan sano y natural da gusto 😊😊😊😊

  2. 万万没想到,油管上还有个这么牛逼的小丫头,传承了中华民族传统美德和精湛的厨艺文化,平凡的生活,让我心旷神怡!

  3. What a lady you are really it is true i can't believe this hat's off😊😊😊💞💞💞💞💞"God bless you"👌

  4. Hi I'm Srinu l like you show much your home network home work food l will stay with you 1month teach me your work I will respected your work please reply

  5. Трудолюбия это у нас так привычно но интересно дети у неё есть ,обычно у нас помимо всех этих дел у нас ещё много рожают,,и с детьми успеваем,,🤗

  6. 厌倦了城市的人们,幻想着能有田园的闲适。

  7. وش هالذرابة سارية سروة . من طلعته لغيبته . 😆علشان تطعم هالعجيز بس عاد ياليت به طعم بالاخير

  8. 子柒, 是一個能幹嘅 好孩子, 不分春夏秋季, 你是一個頂天立地嘅 女仔, 做嘢快手, 快腳, 一個好孝順嘅好女孩, 奶奶見到你好開心㗎, 祝福你! 永遠幸福!

  9. ทำอะไรก็น่ากินไปหมด.ปลูกพืชผักทั่วบ้านใช้ทำอาหารได้หมด

  10. This is the most fascinating woman I have ever seen. I’m totally hooked on WATCHING ALL OF HER VIDEOS OVER AND OVER AGAIN

  11. Hi! ☺ I am happy to have found your channel. Thank you for sharing. ☺
    I wish that you would SMILE! 😽😽☺☺😎😎

  12. Your videos are the most relaxing and heart warming thing to watch. I almost feel a personal connection because I understand the hard work it takes and the hours you put in to get to the finish. I am in love ♡

  13. Hello ms. Liziqi i love to watch your videos.. hope one day you can also invite us to experience your place and your dishes. Your one of a kind hearted and pretty princess how take care of your grandma and cook for her. Love d different views d veggies and fruits too. Take care and love u alot. From philippines

  14. I can only sit and watch her all day long without any hesitations, it's very amazing how she did everything from scratch to perfection and those relaxing background music are awesome 😍

  15. 지금 시대에 노모를 모시면서 도시생활도 아닌 시골생활도 즐겁게 하루하루를 사시는 분이십니다

  16. a lot of you asking where she lives….I want it to be kept a deep secret. Imagine if/when the corporations/developers get the coordinates how life there would change. Keep it secret, let us just enjoy the fact there are still places like this – a living fairyland!

  17. SHE IS SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL". Not only from the outside,but inside. Her soul is to die for. The way she gets up every morning ,(no matter what) and do what she have to do for her and her grandmother. What a angel . God Bless her and her grandmother. Luv her.

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