September 19, 2019


Remove the melon and melon seeds Cut into small pieces and peeled Cut into pieces and cut into strips Pretend Prepare a new container Pour 20g of lime powder Add one thousand milliliters of water Put the melon sticks in Water just happened to have no melon strips Allow to soak for 6 hours Soaked melon leached lime water Wash more times Until there is no lime flavor Wash and put in the container Pour into clear water (no melon) Cover with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator for one night the next day Let the water drain out and wash it several times. Wash the plate Put in a pot that is boiling water Cook for five minutes Turn off the fire after five minutes, remove the melon and pass the cold water Take out and dry it Drying and loading 1 kg of winter melon into 400g white sugar Throw evenly Cover with plastic wrap and freeze in the refrigerator for three days Three days later, the melon is poured directly into the pot. Open a small fire and boil the sugar Stir constantly, stir Let it be evenly heated It’s basically no syrup, it turns into frosting Finished, plated

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