December 9, 2019
Второй период родов, период изгнания © Second stage of Labour

Второй период родов, период изгнания © Second stage of Labour

second stage of labor second stage of labor, stage of expulsion starts from the moment of complete disclosure of the cervix and ends with the birth of a fetus requires constant monitoring of the doctor for the condition of the woman and the fetus the most important part of the birth canal is the pelvis the fetus moves through the birth canal and performs a series of consecutive movements called “the biomechanism of childbirth” The first moment of biomechanism is the bending of the head, as a result of which the head of a small oblique size passes through the entrance to the pelvis then the head is lowered into the pelvic cavity and makes an inner turn at the same time, the arrow-shaped suture goes from oblique to straight size of the narrow part and exit of the small pelvis a fixation point is formed between under the occipital fossa and the lower edge of the pubic arch there is an extension of the head and its birth then the inner turn of the hanger and the outer turn of the head since the eruption of the head a midwife provides a manual labor in childbirth, which consists of a number of obstetric techniques prevents early extension of the head so that it passes through smallest vaginovulvar ring in a pause between attempts stretches vulvar lips conducts perineal protection by borrowing surrounding tissue regulates the attempts during the whole period after the birth of the head removes the hanger, contributing to their rotation at birth, the heads try to immediately release the upper airways using vacuum aspiration method condition of the newborn 5 indicators are taken into account on “the Apgar scale”: heartbeat, breathing, muscle tone reflexes, coloring of the skin each of the indicators rated from 0 to 2 points usually the fetus is born on a total score of 7 to 9 points the birth of the fetus ends the second stage of labor

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